Bridal Shower Attire...guidance needed!

  1. I was looking for opinions on what to wear to bridal showers (this one is actually a personal shower, don't know if that matters...). Anyway, I've only been to a couple (literally two), and it's always hard for me to balance wanting to looking chic against not wanting to show up the bride, which is a major no-no. In this case, the bride is really low key and casual. But I still want to look cute and wear a dress! Help! What do you all usually wear?
  2. At my bridal shower, I was in jeans and a tank top with a little sweater - it was in May so it was kinda nice but that day it was rainy.
    My maid of honor wore white slacks and a cute top, so technically she was dressed up more than me , but it is her personal style so I didn't even think twice. Plus, stuff like that doesn't bother me.
    If you dress like you would normally - like since you are inclined to wear a dress - it won't be showing up the bride and if she's low key and casual she won't be thinking about silly things like that anyway.
    If it were me, I'd probably wear dark trouser jeans and a nice sweater with some ballet flats. But that's ME. Wear what YOU feel good in! :smile:
  3. Ok, thanks for the advice. Of course the bride's not going to be worrying about what I'm wearing, I should have thought of that :-P. Guess I'm worrying about it too much.
  4. I would wear a dress for sure and maybe some high boots with tights...a nice fall look...
  5. ^^oooh, good idea, I was definitely thinking the dress and tights idea, but I hadn't pulled in the boots yet. Thanks for the suggestion!