Bridal Sale-Filene's basement Union Square

  1. Filene’s Basement will be holding its famous bridal event at the Union Square Filene's Only.

    Hundreds of wedding gowns will be on sale on Friday, March 2nd with an early opening at 8 a.m. Gowns that would normally cost $900-$9,000 will be sold for signficantly reduced prices. All sales are final
    Some tips for the sale:
    1. SKIP THE DRESSING ROOMS, by wearing a unitard or very tight fitting garments.

    2. BRING AT LEAST TWO VERY STRONG PEOPLE WITH YOU, to hold your dresses and defend you from any crazy shoppers. Have these people score a great corner of the store for you to try on a dress

    3. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU LIKE, GRAB IT, worry about trying it on later.
  2. Before the New York store opened I trekked to D.C. for my dress. I got a magnificent designer gown for a fraction of the cost.

    I went a couple of hours after the store opened and I think it pretty manageable. Everyone was very nice, patient and respectful. Everyone except for the mother from hell. She commandeered a massive mirror for her daughter and wouldn't move out the way when other women tried to use it.
  3. ^That was rude of her! I'm glad you had a good experience and a good buy.^
    There is a documentary about this bridal shopping event. I haven't seen it, but saw the interview with the director. They featured FB's bridal sale event in Boston. She took some jaw-breaking footage of women running in groups with identical tees, grabbing dresses by the dozen and even physically fighting with each other. I hope people share their experience if anyone goes!
  4. Be prepared to go there super early! My friend went there to buy her wedding dress, and she was there at 5am, and there was already a long line.