Bridal Gowns?


Feb 1, 2007
Anybody know about any sample sales in So. California area? Or any tips where to get a good deal (not like David's Bridal).
Dec 7, 2006
^^ That really is a really good place to start looking! FYI- There may still be a listing of their other store on google or yahoo but that place closed down. I want to say the store is in Huntington Beach but I'm not sure. So you probably want to call before you go.


Nov 22, 2006
I think Monique L'Huillier (in Beverly Hills) has a sample sale twice a year. You should call them--they have gorgeous (but very pricey) dresses.
Oct 26, 2006
Hi Shappy... I'm also in the LA area and I just bought my gown in March. From my experience, it will be the best if you will find a gown that you like online first. I follow the guide at and they will show you which stores around you will carry that brand... give those stores a call, as not all of the stores will carry the style that you want to try on... after you locate the store, try it on... and then call around with the model number and ask for a price quote... Usually they will need to order it for you... most of them only keep large sizes in stock... My gown is from Allure Couture.. and I ordered from a bridal store in Glendale. I think every bridal store has sample sale once awhile. If you willing to spend a lot, Monique LHuillier is a good choice and so as Vera Wang. Other brand like Jasmine Couture, DaVinci, Alfred Sung Bridals, Lazaro are good and affordable as well. I had at least 8-9 fittings from different stores before I finally bought my gown. Good luck hunting yours and Congrats! :smile:


May 17, 2007
The Pie Hole
If you don't have your heart set on a designer name, you might want to try "Bridal Alley", a stretch of Las Tunas Ave. in San Gabriel/Temple City. There are a ton of bridal shops there that sell gowns for less, but it takes some hunting. Most of them have pretty low-quality, no-name dresses, but a few have some designers (La Sposa, Demetrios, Maggie Sottero, etc.).

I recommend Fionna's Bridal on Las Tunas & Temple City Blvd. They sell and rent gowns, but if you bring in a photo of the style you like, they will make it for you, prices starting at $600. I ordered my gown with them and it should be ready for the first fitting in a couple of weeks.

Songi Bridal in Pasadena is also a very charming place. The owner and designer, Songi, is extremely nice and will meet you himself if you make an appointment. They will also custom make a gown for you, but are a little pricier, around $3000 for a custom gown, but if you order more than 6 months ahead I believe they'll give you a discount.