Bridal Designer Kitten Heels??

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  1. Hi All,
    I wonder if you could help me?
    I am getting married in Sept and my H2B and I are the same height!Lol!
    Anyway, does anyone know of any designer bridal kitten heels, I could purchase online or in a store?

    I loved the hairspray ones that CL does, but they are no longer in production. I have heard about the Blue Sole, but it is also out of production!Lol!!

    Any help would be gratefully received!:flowers:
  2. Thanks! I wish Browns had the Hairspray CL, my job would be done! I am happy to also get some plain designer shoes and dress them up with a shoe clip, I just would love some designer wedding kitten heel shoes.x
  3. Are there any other CL bridal shoes like Hairspray with the kitten heel?
  4. Hi Mooks, thanks so much for helping but I have massive feet :sad: a size 41 at best, 42.
    I know, it is even harder now:sad:x
  5. Have you called the CL boutiques? They may be able to get a pair from Paris for you if they don't have them
  6. Thats a good idea, I have just called Harrods and Browns, I will do so! Thanks again!
  7. Thank you very much Randr21!x
  8. Thanks Galligator, I am going to check out the new CL that opened in London and see if they have any large hairspray shoes there. thanks again.x