Bridal clutch?

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  1. I'm getting married in May(!) & have had my eye out for blue clutches since I think that might be a fun "something blue"

    You're the experts - what clutch should I keep an eye out for? I love my LV NM Pochette (holds a fantastic amount of stuff considering its size) but am open minded to all brands.

    Also for those of you who are already married, was there anything you were especially glad to have on hand in your clutch on your wedding day?
  2. I've never been married but if I was planning it would be a BV Knot/Stretch Knot. For you, in Électrique or Krim this season

    or an Alexander McQueen Knuckleobx but harder to find blue this season
  3. Oh Bottega buttery & fabulous!

    I guess I solved my own problem bc I found a blue LV Vernis Lexington pochette - I can keep using it with the long strap I use with my regular mono pochette & it will always remind me of my wedding day!

    :cloud9: :love: