Bridal bag suggestions?

  1. I'm getting married in 5 weeks and I'd love to get a gorgeous evening bag for my big day:rolleyes:. My dress is a very simple A-line, ivory silk strapless and I don't necessarily want an ivory bag to match it, though I'm not opposed to it either.

    What would you get if you were me? Thanks for your help!
  2. Congratulations on your wedding!!!

    My suggestion would be to get a small evening clutch in the color of your bridesmaids dresses...or rather, the color scheme you have chosen for your wedding. I think that would make a nice touch.

    If not, there is also this one, its great...

    Or any Lauren Merkin ;)
  3. Congrats on getting married!
    I'd recommend a metallic or jewel coloured clutch. :yes:
    I found these beautiful clutches at net-a-porter.
    [​IMG] VBH, Metallic envelope clutch (620€)

    [​IMG]Rodo Crystal orchid clutch (457€)

    Corto Moltedo (648€)

    I hope You'll have a wonderful wedding! :smile:
  4. Thanks so much for your suggestions! I'm definitely looking into those bags- they're gorgeous!
  5. Congrats! I'm just a few weeks behind you, and I don't have a bag yet either. :yes:

    With your dress, I'd recommend something simple - an elaborate bag, even a small one, would look out of place. I also suggest a bag with some kind of strap, so you can carry other stuff (such as your glass of champagne!) or shake hands with people while holding it. Luckily, most clutches come with a shoulder chain you can tuck in if you want. Perhaps one of these?

    Franchi Handbags Linette Crystal Framed Clutch (Champagne) - Evening Handbags
    Franchi Handbags Giovanna Clutch With Crystal Bow (Champagne) - Evening Handbags
    Inge Christopher Handbags Palm Springs - Glass Beads And Clear Crystal Drops on Pleated Silk Clutch (Champange) - Evening Handbags (5 colors)
    Franchi Handbags Bella Bow Clutch (Champagne) - Evening Handbags

  6. I totally agree. I think a little clutch the color of the bridesmaids dresses would be gorgeous. I think it would really feel cohesive and beautiful without being TOO bridal...:yes:
  7. You could take a look at MOO ROO Designer Handbags Clutches Totes Shoulder Minaudier Evening Bags. Their end-of-season sale has every bag on sale and they are basically handmade. I skimmed thru the styles, and I saw nice bags suitable for a bride on pages 5, 9, 11, 15, 18, and 19. I've already ordered another style during their sale. The bags are beautiful and unique.
  8. No bag suggestion, but definitely get something you can use again after the wedding. You really don't get to use it that much on the wedding day. You are not going to be holding it; your BM will probably be the one carrying it for you most of the time.
  9. congratulations!! they have nice bridal accessories at oscar de la renta! check them out at their official website

  10. Congratulations, i hope u have a wonderfull day!

    A friend of mine had this bag at her wedding recently and it looked stunning and far more expensive than it actually is, its just beautiful


    And it only £45.00 from Monsoon Accessorize
  11. great idea! i got a really gorgeous, vintage-looking pink satin evening bag for my wedding, and i adored it! def. my favorite wedding accessory :smile:

    my bag was by lulu guinness - and i still adore it! what about this one, that's currently available?? it'd be gorgeous with your dress, and will definitely be a bag you can use over again!
    Lulu Guinness - Exclusive Stella Handbag by Lulu Guinness, Exquisite, Polished, Gorgeous


    another designer someone suggested above is lauren merkin...while a lot of her clutches have a style that i think might not be formal enough for a wedding, i LOVE the charlotte clutch - it's available in gold or platinum at fengjunk, and you can get 20% off & free shipping with WINT07.
    Lauren Merkin - Charlotte Shimmer Lambsuede, Gold
    Lauren Merkin - Charlotte Lizard Embossed Suede, Platinum

    and congratulations!!!!
  12. Santi makes some cute bridal type bags. If you're carrying the bag while wearing your wedding dress, it must match the color and style of your dress. For the reception, when you change, a clutch would be perfect or something with a small chain or strap.


  13. They have really cute stuff...just a shame that they don't deliver to the US:crybaby:

    Ahh, but wait, I can send my sister to one of the boutiques when she visits London in a yay :yahoo:
  14. I like the idea of using wedding colors.

    Also I love light gold with ivory. Would be easy to use after the wedding too.