brick red


Hermes Convert
Sep 13, 2006
Hello there,

I see a bag on ebay that I am intersted in and I wanted to gets some input on the color. The color is brick. In the pics it is next to the orange boxes and it seems that the color is more of a orangy red as opposed to straight red. I have a birkin in Orange and I now want red. I do not want to get a color that is too similar to the bag I already have. Do any of you guys have brick red? Does it have an orange tint? Any personal pics?

here is the link if anyone is curious

eBay: Authentic Hermes Birkin Bag 35cm Brick Calf Gold HW (item 300063786436 end time Jan-01-07 22:11:33 PST)
Gorgeous Birkin ! But maybe you should get a rouge H, or rouge garrance ? Take a look at the color charts in the reference section, that should help.
Candace.......Brick has definate orange under-tones to it. This is a stunning Birkin and the price is fantastic. Have you looked at Rouge Garance??? That's a lovely red and not like the bag you already have. Do you have orange or do you have Potiron?
^^I agree, brick has orange undertones and although this is a really good deal, it might be too close in coloring to the bags you already have. Rouge VIF is also a stunning red. I have a Karo clutch in Rouge VIF chevre and it is just the right amount of punch of color.
Thanks for the input. I was wanting to jump on this one because it is such a good deal but thanks to you guys I now realize that the color is too similar to what I already have. I am going to continue my search for either, rouge garance, rouge Vif or vermillion. Thanks a million . . . yall expertise save people thousands of $$$$
Shopmom My birkin is true Hermes orange.