Brick Red Elise with Gold Hardware - $400??? what do u think

  1. Hey -

    I was out w/ a friend today and saw a Brick Red Elise with Gold Hardware. I really liked the way it looked but was unusure. I could get it for $400 (the guy was willing to take another 30% off at Saks).

    Worth it or pass? thanks ladies
  2. Sounds amazing - go for it!!
  3. If I were in your position I would definitely get it! However, it doesn't sound like you're completely sold on the bag. Maybe you should pass and save the money for a bag you just can't live without.
  4. I was soooo close to buying this bag, a member posted that there was one available at Saks off 5th a month ago and with the 30% off coupon it came out to $375, no tax. I had it on hold but ended up not going for it because although I love brick red, I'm not an Elise fan. I don't like Satchels, and the zippers are the kind you have to pull UP and then over. Not very convenient IMO.

    You really have to decide if the Elise is a bag that you can carry often, otherwise it's not worth it.
  5. Yeah thanks ladies! The elise is cute - but just a BIG handbag. I love the Brick Red too - I think I'll pass - anyone interested please PM and I'll send you the store and you can charge send it - it's under my name.:heart:
  6. I love Elise so much now it's not even funny :p but not a big fan of brick red. If you love elise and this particular color, I'd say go for it. $400 sounds like a pretty good deal.
  7. sounds like a good deal....but I have learned not to just buy a bag cuz its on sale..KWIM>?
  8. wow which off Saks???

  9. ^ITA:smile:
  10. I agree with Emmy and Jill too - I've made this mistake a few times!!!!
  11. I would definitely go for it! That sounds amazing!!!
  12. LOL.. I've made a ton of mistakes... luckily there is always eBay to unload!

    I found it at the Woodbury Commons off 5th, I think... it was ages ago, I doubt it's still there.
  13. Ladies, apologies. tPf is so slow today - couldn't get on ALL DAY!!! Just to be fair - this Elise is at the Off Saks 5th in Westbury, NY. It's no longer on hold :sad:
    I hope one of you guys gets it - and posts pics after you receive it! I wanna see :O Good Luck (and ask for the extra 30% off too!!!!!):graucho: