Brian Gavin Diamonds Barbara Pendant - Anyone Have This Mounting?

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  1. I'm looking for a new mounting for my solitaire. It's currently in a martini setting and floats on a very thin wire. I adore it but it's difficult to put on and take off due to the clasp and the wire has a tendency to fray.

    I love the look of my current necklace, all that is visible is the stone.

    If you own the Barbara, I would love to hear your thoughts on it - does the stone flip?


  2. LTL, I don't have it, but I've been looking at the Barbara, too. My stud earring are set in martini, and I do love them, but I think the Barbara is perfect for a pendant. This may just be the kick in the butt I need to actually move ahead with mounting my loose diamond.
  3. CG - I think it might be perfect as well. I'm so glad you like it too. (you do have the best taste!)

    My fear is how it will lay on the neck. Mine sits perfectly flat...but the wire is becoming a significant issue for me.

    Please order the Barbara so you can give me a first person review ;)
  4. What do you mean by the wire is fraying? I was considering the martini, but not if it is not sound!
  5. Hi. By wire fraying I mean the wire necklace, not the martini setting itself.

    In lieu of a chain, I have an 18K thin gold wire that is made from twisted strands. That is what is coming loose from the clasp.

    Hope this clarifies.
  6. Ok thanks!
    Otherwise, do you like the martini?
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  7. Love the martini. It's a great setting!

    baglady - your necklace is gorgy. Could you possibly post a modeling picture of it?
    Does the diamond lay flat when being worn or do you you worry about flipping?

    Thanks so much for posting!
  8. LTL, did you see the Barbara Martini setting? I like how it shows off the stone.
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    Going to look now CG. I was thinking maybe I should just replace my wire with a thin chain............But I'm worried it will not sit properly. Hoping baglady will post some pics of her Barbara in action for us.

    I'm also looking at the BG fixed bezel but I really hate the mickey mouse ears ;)

    I love the look of my existing martini on the wire. The wire is so thin it's almost invisible so the stone in the martini mounting really looks like it's floating. Not sure I will get the same look with the Barbara and the Barbara martini.
  10. A martini setting has better light saturation which equals sparkle.
    I have seen a single diamond wire necklace and I agree LTL...beautiful and unique!
  11. Skyqueen - the reason I'm considering a reset is because the twisted wire is starting to fray near the clasp AND the clasp is almost impossible to close with my nails...We (my jeweler) has tried several different clasps including lobster claw and round rings (easy to close but ended up in the front because of their weight) to an insert and twist closure.

    Frustrating because I adore the necklace but it's so hard to wear..

    Any thoughts?
  12. Any chance of posting a pic? From the front and side?