Brentwood vs Houston

  1. hey all,
    i am not as familiar with the vernis bags as i would like... and i am just looking at the different bags... what are the differences between the brentwood and the houston? (height? opening? etc.) :confused1:

    would it be possible if someone can post some pictures of these bags together and model them so that i can get a better idea of these two gorgeous bags? TIA! :drool:

    also, if you have both, which do you prefer??? thank you!!
  2. Check the amarante clubhouse thread. I think that ghost55 modeled both bags and did some side-by-side comparisons.
  3. according to elux description;

    Brentwood :adjustable shoulder strap, fine textile lining, 11.5"x15"x3.7"
    Houston : handles w/link attachments, leather lining, 12"x10"x5'
  4. I love the Brentwood.
  5. here you go~
    1. brentwood v. houston
    2. brentwood v. houston
    3. houston
    4. brentwood
    amarante vernisboots 006.jpg amarante vernisboots 007.jpg amarante vernisboots 004.jpg amarante vernisboots 009.jpg
  6. Wow Ghost! You got both!!! That Amarante is hot! and, so is that baby!!!!!

    very very cute!
  7. Brentwood- totally. It's so much more comfy to wear!!
  8. I like the look of the Brentwood more.
  9. Of course it's a matter of personal preference... For me, I'd have to have that leather lining. An all leather bag is a good thing for a lover of leather. Oh, I can just smell it... :flowers:

    Both bags look great on you Ghost55! And that color is awesome too!

  10. Oh Hell no! :nuts: I returned the Houston...I don't live by LV and needed to order both to see which one I liked better. Definitely Brentwood. The base is less bulky.

    I only WiSh I had both!...Thanks for the props....that was a bit ago, so now I am even bigger:wtf::push:
  11. Opps one more....
    amarante vernisboots 001.jpg
  12. Brentwood is better for me too :smile:
  13. I like the Brentwood better also. Houston was awkward under my arm.
  14. Hi! I am also looking to purchase either the Brentwood or Houston! Do you think the Brentwood is to large for me I am 5'1? THANKS!!!!!!!!
  15. the comparison pics are great! thanks for posting ghost! I like the brentwood better, it seems of fit better to the contours of the body