Brentwood vs Houston + Agendas

  1. You guys, I did read the other Brentwood vs Houston thread and it seems like most peole prefer Houston. Is Monogram Vernis easy to keep clean? Does it collect dirt especially on Perle color?
    I am going to buy either a Houston or Brentwood on December 1st (hehehe) plus a Vernis Zippy Wallet and an Agenda.

    Do any of you use the Small Ring Agenda? How do you guys find the size, is it a pain to write in it?

    Let me know what you guys think... soon! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. I have a panda agenda and i love it.....

    i fill mine with refills from hello kitty, making it more fun and colorful

    my agenda pen is in fushia...

    the problem isn't the agenda itself but the pen!! there are little studs on the pen which makes it so pretty but really painful when u write!!! -_-"

    cuz the pen is undersized and everything, but the look just kills u :smile:

    i don't find much use but i love to carry it around anyway

    hope this helps :smile:

    panda pochette.JPG
  3. oops wrong picture, sorry :sweatdrop:

  4. Oooh!!! So much panda! So Kawai! :yes:
  5. Thanks Pris, those are some cute LVs you have there. :heart:

    This is what I want. :yes: :yes: :yes: it's all Perle but I think it's totally cool.
    Maybe I should do a blue agenda just to add color. I dunno yet.
    p10295201_ph_althero_Perle.jpg p10020144_ph_althero_PerleHouston.jpg p11231170_ph_althero_Perlemonogram-vernis-zippy.jpg
  6. I love my small ring agenda... I write alot in it, so I bought the refill that has each day as its own page:smile:
  7. The Houston is TDF! I'm lusting after one in the framboise color