Brentwood or Houston??


Which one should I get?

  1. Brentwood!

  2. Houston!

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  1. They cost the same but have slightly different shapes. Are they both shoulder and arm? Which is better and why?

    pic1: brentwood-11.5"x 15"x 3.7"
    pic2: houston- 12"x 10"x 5" (lol I know pics don't help much)

    I'm asking because I've wanted one but haven't yet because I could never put them side by side and decide!
    p11137408_ph_althero_Amarante.jpg p10020144_ph_althero_Amarantehouston.jpg
  2. My vote for Brentwood...

    I love that the shoulderstrap is adjustable.
  3. I like the houston, the shape is better IMO. :smile: You can put both on your shoulder.
  4. Check out Ghost55's comparison in the Amarante Club --- you can really see the difference. I prefer the Brentwood myself (I have the Pomme Brentwood) because the base is not as wide as the Houston and it seems easier to carry. Both bags are beautiful, but the Brentwood with its adjustable straps seems more practical.
  5. I vote the Brentwood. It's larger and easier to wear and can accommodate a laptap if necessary. Great for A4 documents also. I love the Houston the shape is much dressier including the sumptuous leather lining.
  6. Thanks everyone, that really helped. I think I'll go with Brentwood even though I REALLY want the leather lining. I wish I could send it to them and request them to put it in for me lol. After looking at those pics I might just buy it tonight on elux! :drool::drool::drool:
  7. my vote goes to brentwood. i like how its wide.
  8. Brentwood!
  9. I like the size and the shape of the Houston better.
  10. I love both, I have an Amarante Brentwood waiting for me lol and 2 Houstons (beige and framboise). I love the size of the Brentwood but it's thinner than the Houston and the Houston has calfskin lining whereas the Brentwood has textile (fabric) lining.
    So I prefer the Houston.
  11. I love the brentwood!
  12. I tried the Brentwood on today and it was fabulous! My vote is for that one ;)
  13. Brentwood, be different, everyone already has a houston.