Brentwood in Vernis Hazelnut or Pomme??

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Brentwood in Vernis Pomme or Hazelnut?

  1. Pomme

  2. Hazelnut

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  1. The Brentwood Pomme is what started my new love affair with Louis! I was in a Saks and saw the Brentwood Pomme in the LV boutique. It was love at first sight :smile:. But, then the SA spent about 10 minutes telling me how "delicate" the Vernis is and that it is not a good everyday bag. So....I got the MC Griet and a Pomme Vernis PTI. But, I have since heard and read that the Pomme Vernis wears fine (which I have also found to be true with my PTI). So, I had planned to go get the Pomme Brentwood tomorrow (to add to my new collection and complete my LV Christmas :smile:). However....I am now having second thoughts about the Pomme. I saw the Hazelnut Vernis and it is also beautiful. I am thinking that the Hazelnut might be a terrific bag to have for Spring/Summer. But, oooh that red is yummy! What do ya think...Pomme or Hazelnut?? Also, anyone with the Brentwood...are you happy with it?? Thanks!!
  2. The only reason I say hazelnut is because I just got the Houston in pomme:yahoo:

    I've had my bag for 2 months and haven't had any problems with it. From what I've heard, the problem people have with vernis is color transfer. That happens to people that have bought the lighter colors.

    Either bag would be awesome:yes:
  3. yeah either color would be great. I just got the Houston in pomme too :biggrin: and i love the color. but the hazelnut color should be nice too
  4. I love the hazelnut color, it's so pretty!
  5. I voted for the Pomme. I love the color.
  6. I voted for Pomme too ... such a yummy color!
  7. I like the pop of color from Pomme. I would say it depends on how you plan to wear it. As you said, Hazlenut would be nice for Spring because it is a nice neutral that goes with everything. If you have very colorful outfits, I would go for the neutral bag to even things out. On the otherhand, if your outfits aren't very colorful, Pomme would be great to brighten them up.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! I am going to get one or the other tomorrow (hopefully my LV boutique still has both). I am still so undecided and the poll is 50/50!:girlsigh: Any more opinions/votes?? :smile:
  9. Pomme, this big of a bag needs a bold color, IMO. I have a Brentwood in Amarante and love it!
  10. I have the pomme Brentwood and it is absolutely gorgeous! I have had it for almost a year now and it still looks like new! Go get the pomme Brentwood --- you'll love it!!
  11. Pomme is my new favorite. So I vote for you to get the Pomme
  12. Pomme! I have tried it on at the boutique and it's simply stunning!!
  13. I voted Pomme, if the Hazelnut was darker I would proably vote that.
  14. Pomme, I love that color!
  15. My vote goes for POMME. :tup: