Brentwood - could anyone pls measure the opening for me (laptop compatible?) TIA!

  1. So I'm thinking about ordering a Brentwood in Pomme d'Amour :love:. I'm looking for a bag that can hold my laptop (not the usual laptop bags :yucky:), which measures 12.9 x 9 x 1.7 inches. From the description on eluxury, it should fit, but I'm not sure because of the bag's shape, which seems narrower on top. The Houston is too small.

    If anyone has the Brentwood, would you measure the opening (zipper?) for me? TIA!! :yes:
  2. yes, you can definitely put in a laptop, it's a pretty big bag if you ask me :yes:
  3. Thanks!! :smile: And mine would fit?

    Does anyone think it may be too flashy? I work in a law firm and would take it with me to meet clients or go to court. However, I like a personality statement and those rectangular black nylon bags make me feel :push:...
  4. I tried to fit my Apple Powerbook G4 12" into the Brentwood and it did not fit. Although the measurements indicate the width is 12" the actual opening at the top was too narrow because the zipper pull and zipper base takes up part of the opening. :sad:
  5. Thank you kali! :flowers:

    What I don't get:
    According to elux: 11.5" x 15" x 3.7"
    My laptop measures: 9" x 12.9" x 1.7"
    That opening must be really narrow :shocked: :crybaby:But I want a laptop bag in pomme d'amour! :search:
  6. have you seen it in real life at the boutique? you should go check it out if there's a store near you. Also, try putting in your laptop vertically or diagonally at first if it's *that* big.
  7. I could put it in vertically but then the bag narrows at the top and I couldn't zip it up. It's a beautiful bag, I was very dissapointed!
  8. if you do get it, boy, that laptop will be traveling in style!
  9. Yes, that is indeed the point! :love: They will get the Pomme d'amour on Jan. 15, I guess I'll have to swing by the store then! Thanks ladies! :yes:
  10. I'm considering getting a brentwood but not too sure...
  11. It's too small for a lap top because I've been looking for a LV to do just that and the Vernis are too narrow on top.
  12. What are your pros and cons Plumdressing?
  13. My laptop fits, Sony Viao...that's why I ended up with the brentwood over the houston...sorry I don't have tape measure handy...are you close to a store, I would test it, that's what I did. :smile: