Brendan at the Chanel on 57th is just...

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  1. the sweetest sales associate EVER!!! I just received a silk Chanel scarf as a Christmas gift from Brendan. How considerate is that??!!!:love:
  2. You seem to buy a lot of purses, so he must value your business alot. That's such an awesome surprise gift, congrats!!!
  3. Yay for you!! That is so great!
  4. Congrats! It's always fun to have good "surprises"

    Happy Holidays!
  5. Wow, what a sweetheart he is:love: :love: !! Pictures, please:yes: !

  6. Wow, that is a very generous gift!

    To qualify for a silk scarf, you must have given him plenty of good business!!
  7. How very thoughtful!:heart:
  8. Mon that is great!! I am so glad you got a nice Christmas surprise!!!!
    Post a pic for us when you have time. Merry Christmas~~~
  9. I'm just beside myself, and I have to say it's the little things such as his consideration that makes my buying experience at Chanel with Brendan so much more incredible.:smile:
  10. :yes: absolutely!
  11. Wonderful!
  12. Congrats!!!!!! That's such a sweet gift! Pictures, please!
  13. that is such a nice surprise, congrats, cant wait to see pics!
  14. That is so cool Mon!!!:yes:
  15. Wow, that is so nice! I think it is great that the appreciation is going both ways. Enjoy!