Breloque charm arrived! Yippeee!! *Pics*

  1. I’m so excited!! I got my Breloque charm today.:yahoo: I had posted in the Shopping section that I was desperate to find one. I had been told by that it was not an item for the U.S. and that none were available here!:wtf:

    I just couldn’t imagine that and emailed my SA who found one for me in Hawaii. Yippee!! And it arrived today.

    Here’s the thread where I was looking for it:

    I had wanted it so I could lengthen the strap on my Evelyne when wearing messenger style with heavier clothing and for the Kelly I hope to get this Spring, as I know I will want to wear it messenger style. Eventually I may get a canvas strap for the Kelly, but I wanted the option to use the leather strap and then if while wearing it I could easily switch to messenger style.

    It ended up that I really like it just as a charm on the Evelyne. The pop of shiny silver dresses up the Evelyne, IMHO. And then when I want to switch to messenger style I can easily adjust the clips.

    Oh, and I love the box. The velvety piece on the bottom of the box has cutouts in the shape of each charm, so they can nestle perfectly in it. ... That’s so H!!

    Since I know how I like to know prices ... It was $425. The item # is 052300FP00. Having that number really made it possible for my SA to look up to see which store had it. BTW, it’s available on the UK, German and French sites. So basically, all their sites have it except the U.S. :confused1:

    So, without further ado, here are some pics:

    Nestled in its box:

    My outfit really doesn't show it off very well. The buttons on my
    jacket are in the way.

    As as purse charm on the Evelyne:

    A close up view in action:
  2. I've been eyeing this charm for awhile now! It's so versatile! Love it!
  3. congrats!! i have the same charm and i love it!!
  4. Yeah Kallie - you found it!!!!

    So glad it came and that you love it. Congrats :yahoo:
  5. Kellie girl I'm so happy for you that you were able to get this.. and indeed it looks fabulous... Congratulations!!!
  6. this looks great - congrats!! Love your Evelyne also...
  7. Congrats KG! So glad you got it!! It looks great with the Evelyne! :girlsigh:
  8. Kallie Girl ~ congratulations -- it looks fabulous on your evelyn.
  9. Congratulations, KG!!! I've the same charm too.

    It looks so good on your Evelyn. So happy that you managed to find it.
  10. What a great idea! I LOVE that charm and it looks delish on you! (buttons and all!).

    Congrats on finding this wonderful piece!
  11. I adore this charm.. Congrats on such a lovely versatile charm:heart:
  12. I love it, KG! It looks wonderful with your E.
  13. i love your charm and thanks for the detailed pics
  14. I love that charm, so classy and cute! Enjoy!
  15. KG, so glad the Breloque is working out for you. It's one of my favorite H accessories--cute and functional at the same time. And I love how it looks with your Evelyne!