Brekkie, shopping and H friends

  1. I just want to take the opportunity to thank asa and tricia for their friendships.

    Without tpf, we would probably never meet, or take a longer time to get together. We have known one another for eight months now, but it feels like we have known one another for ages. The past months have been really fun. We had gone shopping together, had loads of meals together, raided our H stores together, and playfully 'harrassed' our SAs for goodies together .... we have been hanging out in one another's company, so much so that when we drop into our H store alone, all the SAs will ask for the others. :lol:

    And thanks to both of them and a little push from ms piggy, I became a Louboutin fan!!

    Last Friday was our usual meet (yes, we meet every week. Sometimes 2 to 3 times!) And here are a couple of pics to show our Kelly trio.

    32cm Gris T Togo Retourne Kelly
    32cm Blue Jean Togo Retourne Kelly
    32cm Fuchsia Ostrich Retourne Kelly

    :drinkup:To Hermes friendships.
    K trio.jpg K trio 2.jpg
  2. WOW..Those are perfect Triplets!!

    I wish I would meet some tpf my friends someday...sigh!!
  3. that sounds like great fun. I will have to look you gals up if I ever head south to Singapore.
  4. You ladies are sooo lucky! I am always a little "jealous" when I read about your friendship and get togethers. Love the triplets!!!
  5. Love the pictures. How much fun getting together every week or even 2-3 times ~ lucky girls.
  6. :heart:

    awwww, l love stories like this:love:. So nice to hear that this forum has brought you ladies together:heart:

    :drinkup: to friendship:yahoo:
  7. :lol: It was a Kelly day out indeed!

    Hermes Only, I am sure you would be so much fun to be with. Can't wait for your very own get-together story. How about Singapore as your next holiday destination? ;)
  8. This is great mrss! Just myself coming back from a day trip to shop and hang with my pf friend Traci...and also was able to meet another PF friend! I think we sat and chatted purses for close to 2 hrs lol!!! It is an amazing and fun love of purses that can bring us together but something much more forms....and although I think the PF has cost me a bit of money lol...friendships are priceless!!
  9. LTC, you must! You must! :flowers::flowers:
  10. lulilu, I hope one day you would find H addict/friends in your very own community.
  11. That's fabulous, shoes. After all these months, I now understand what you'd told me about your great days out, just hanging out and talking about bags. :heart:
  12. :party:
  13. mrssparkles, what a beautiful story. :smile: Thank you for sharing.

    Love all of your Kelly's! :smile:
  14. MrsS, just the TITLE made me happy, then I saw this:


    and I nearly cried with JOY! What a trio of beauties - topped only by their lovely Mamas! So glad you got to have such fun with dear friends (and your gorgy babies).
  15. Love your Kelly's ladies and just love to hear about your friendship. I hope to visit Singapore some day too... it is on my wishlist... and hope to meet you then :smile: