Breeds of dogs that are good with cats?

  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had experience with breeds of dogs that tend to get along with cats. My boyfriend and I aren't looking to adopt a dog in the near future, but we do talk about it hypothetically. I have a 7 year old kitty who is a big 'fraidy cat though - she wouldn't do well with any dog inclined to chase her! I know that the most important factor is the individual dog's personality and socialization, and fyi, bf and I are planning on adopting a dog from the pound when we're ready (so most likely a mix of breeds), I would just like some general feedback on dog breeds to consider and maybe breeds to be wary of. Thank you! :smile:
  2. generally, hounds, herding, sporting, and terriers aren't very good around cats but every dog is different and many can be taught to live with cats. try something from the non-sporting or toy group.
  3. ^^ :yes:

    All dogs can be good with cats, if they are trained to be good with them and learn to get along.

    I remember when I was younger we had looooads of dogs, and a few cats. They learned to love eachother as much as they loved the other dogs.
  4. I can tell you by my experiences Lhasa Apsos (I have 3) are NOT good with cats.
  5. My Min Pin, Prince, is great with my kitty.
  6. From my experience of owning several dogs and cats at the same time, they basically don't bug each other. I know my mini pin gets all excited if it sees the cat jumping all over the place. The cat just hisses back and the dog leaves her alone. My cat is very much a loner. I don't know how large dogs are with cats though.
  7. Looked back at my pics for a little "awwwww" moment of the two of them.

    brats 004.jpg
  8. i would stay away from sight hounds and terriers. my boston terriers love to chase our cats, but my cocker spaniel could care less about the cats. i've also had good experience w/ springer spaniels, english setters, labs, and retrievers. my brother's ex had a belgium malinoi that was great w/ cats, but i wouldn't recommend the breed to an inexperience dog owner.
  9. LOL You would never catch my min pin and cat together like that! I wish!
  10. that is a BIG aww moment!!! Thanks for sharing. Your kitty looks like mine.
  11. My friend has a collie mix and the dog loves 'her' cats. The collie was a puppy when my friend got her and I think it's better if the dog is either a puppy or young.
  12. My maltese is great with cats.
    The cat bullys the dog a bit, but then again the cat is bigger :O
  13. They sure do love each other.:heart:
  14. My lab and my english springer spaniel get along real well with all 3 of my cats. One cat has even taken to cleaning the lab [licking his face]. The cat has been doing this since she was smaller then the labs head. The lab is 90 pounds. I think alot depends on how you introduce them to each other. Good luck to you.
  15. My neighbors used to have a St. Bernard along with all their cats, and he just ignored them. My Poodle mix used to ignore our cats, too, when we got them... as long as the cats weren't running; then they would chase.