Bree Guccissima Leather Disco Bag

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm trying to decide what my next bag purchase should be and I'm thinking of getting the Bree Guccissima bag can anyone that owns this bag give me your thoughts on it? Anything would be greatly appreciated:smile: also does anyone know how this bag compares to the regular disco bag? Are the leathers the same? Thanks!
  2. Did you check out the Disco Club thread and compare leather? I've only seen the all-leather in Guccissima

    If you're comparing the Soho Disco and the Bree Disco, basically you just go with which one you like the look of more

    Bree Disco

    Depth 7cm
    Height 17cm
    Max. Strap Length 137cm
    Min. Strap Length 124cm
    Width 21cm

    Soho Disco
    Depth 8cm
    Height 16cm
    Max. Strap Length 132cm
    Min. Strap Length 121cm
    Width 21cm
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  3. Did you ever end up getting this bag? I am curious about how it wears over time. Thanks!
  4. I did not. I actually ended up getting a Gucci disco in black and it has held up extremely well
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