1. Was visiting my store this morning, my manager knows I love porosus in beige-rose....pulled out a 28 beige-rose croc Plume that a client had dropped in for the spa - under-the-radar bag in a very special leather/colour combination. I was surprised, and fell in love.

    Any combo's that have taken you by surprise?
  2. did you get it????
  3. no, it belonged to a client - it was in to be sent off to the's very first time!

    I literally went.."........oooooohhhhhhhhhh"........and had no other words......which is VERY unlike me! LOL!
  4. aw darn. lol. you? no words?! it must have been a very special bag!
  5. wow that sounds gorgeous!!!
  6. Grands Fonds -- definitely see a Plume in your future (croc or otherwise)
  7. I never thought I was a croc girl until I held ( and fondled) the croc rouge vif 30 cm Birkin at the Wall st store... that baby is going to be mine one day!
  8. Oh thanks, I think I just woke up the dog with the noise I made. That bag must have been TDF!!!

    I don't think I have ever seen a Croc Plume in person, I would have probably been struck speechless as well if I had seen this one! Gorgeous, I bet.
  9. typo there , it was a 30 cm, felt like it had been made just for me, sigh....
  10. Oooh. I'm kind of in love with the concept of a Kelly 32 in Rouge Vif croc; I definitely like the dressier aspect of a smaller bag in a richly colored croc.
  11. ^Rouge vif? Rose? Rose? Rouge vif?

    OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Think of all the new scarves you can buy to go with!!!!
  12. lol, it was totally unexpected.... but rouge vif in croc....:girlsigh:
  13. No. No combo's have taken me by surprise. Why you ask? Because I never see anything at the store-that-has-nothing so there's been nothing to be taken by surprise with.

    Maybe one day, I'll be surprised by something......but so far, that somethings been nothing....:s
  14. Sounds nice
  15. shopmom -- thanks to you, I have these images of the SF boutique with empty shelves with no bags.

    Interestingly enough, the H duty-free at the SF international airport is also not that interesting, but at least they have one!