Breathing a sigh of relief!!!

  1. I am not a professional eBay seller....only occasionally to fund another purchase. I recently sold a high-end bag...and although I did everything right (good description, overnight shipping, insurance, etc...), and should have felt completely comfortable...I felt like I was on pins and needles until I saw my positive feedback from the buyer. You never know if you will hear that it was never received, wasn't as described, fake!!!!
    My point or question you all feel like that as eBay sales are just a train wreck waiting to happen???!!!! And...when it goes is almost like a pleasant suprise????
  2. YES! So many horror stories, I am an nervous wreck. Though my main concerns are with buying, so I protect myself as much as possible by only using Paypal (no google checkout, MO etc) and via Paypal I use a CC and that CC is Amex. Still though, I end up holding my breath until the item comes and hoping it's just as described, authentic, etc. So many horror stories out there - both buying and selling.

  3. Yes, I sell infrequently, so when I do, I hold my breath.
  4. I totally understand how you feel.I've several transactions last week (thankfully)ended well.
    Untill they actually email me and say they are satisfied,then I let out a sigh of relief.Ebay never used to be like that.:girlsigh:
  5. I think all decent sellers have worries until the fb is received. The trouble is so many buyers have unrealistic expectations that the whole thing is stressful
  6. Every dang time I sell anything designer, be it wallet...bag...etc etc.., I hold my breath til I receive feedback. I just know some day someone is going to accuse me of selling a fake because they have buyers remorse or something.
  7. Oh I do, until I get that positive feedback im always anticipating the worst... so many buyers have remorse these days, and who knows what else.. im always so scared

  8. I never worry about my feedback. I could care less if I get neg'd. I provide the kind of CS I expect when I buy. I do all I can to make a buyer extremely pleased. The worry I have is someone trying to scam me. That's why I don't sell often.
  9. OMG! That is EXACTLY how I feel every time, ESPECIALLY with bags. I guess some people have different definitions of "good condition", "excellent condition", "used". So even though you describe everything as well as possible, sometimes the buyer SOMEHOW finds a way of demanding a refund because of wahtever reason.

    So until I receive the positive feedback I am SO anxious and cross my fingers hoping that the buyer is satisfied and I wont have to go through an ordeal of settling a dispute.

    I am glad you got your positive feedback! :tup::tup: