Breasts issue

  1. Hey guys!!

    Sorry if this is a little gross... I started losing some pounds a while ago and just recently realised my breasts are sagging noticeably!! They've always been rather on the large side (34Ds), mind you, but never as drooping as they are now!

    I work out 3 times a week (spinning), but would like recommendations on what to do to prevent them from sagging even more/perk them up a bit. I have one of those Pilates balls but don't know if there's exercises I could do with that for my problem.

    Any advice greatly welcome.
  2. Congrats on the weight loss but shame about your droopy ones. I think that's probably a side effect of loosing weight, isn't it. I really don't have much advice except make sure you wear a good quality bra when exercising to provide the support you need when exercising.
  3. You could probably do some exercises that strengthen your pectoral muscles but aside from a very good bra I don't know what else to suggest. If you are spinning at a gym you could ask a trainer for advice. Congrats on your weight loss and don't worry too much about the sag. I don't think others will judge you the way your are judging your own body. And like I said, a good bra will do wonders. Lift and separate!!
  4. Your body will always lose weight in the same order it gained it.

    So if you breasts recently increased, they will decrease first.

    No worries - all will stabilize and equalize after you have lost all excess weight.

    Kudos to you for losing weight!!!
  5. Something similar happened to me. I had 34d-34dd and I started working out 3x a week and my boobs shrunk a lot!!! I am currently a 34c (on the small side) and I think that my boobs are a lot more saggy than they used to be. I don't think there is any way to prevent it. BTW I am 21.
  6. mine are only B but they are sagging more and more now since I have lost some weight. I wear good push up bras so they look great with clothes on but the problem is when a guy wants me to take it OFF lol. I have been seriously considering surgery...
  7. So have I. Not to increase the size but to firm them up. I wonder if there's a surgery of this kind that doesn't require implants. I haven't had any babies yet and would love to be able to breastfeed them when I do. And yeah, the bigger problem is being naked! LOL
  8. You might want to look into a "breast lift". Doesn't increase the size but just lifts them up!!
  9. skin obviously isn't a muscle, so no amount of pectoral exercises will help the skin.
    This happens to a lot of us after pregnancy.
    I was always well endowed and just got bigger w/ each child.
    After nursing three kids, I lost some brest tissue so I was obviously saggy.
    I decided to get a lift as simply getting small implants wouldn't really fix the problem.
    I knew a lift would further decrease my size so I got a full lift w/ implants.
  10. Thanks for all the input!! I talked to my mum about this and she agreed to the lifting surgery after I reach my ideal weight.

    Might have to talk to you later about it, Swanky! So you can tell me how that went.
  11. ask away when you need to, I wish more people were so willing to share experiences :biggrin:
  12. If you're like more than 25 it's not very likely that the skin will be able to adapt to the new size for a while (or maybe ever), so implants is the only alternative I can think of. The sagging problem gets worse the older the weight looser is, sadly.

    But, on the bright side, you have done really well loosing weight. ^_^ I think you should be happy!