Breastfeeding Question

  1. Hi ladies,
    I breastfed my baby for the first 4 months of his life .. I started getting exhausted because my baby was a very very fussy feeder and putting him to the breast was torture every time because he refused it most of the time from day one!! (unlike my two other children with whom breastfeeding was an amazing experience) .. my stress level was over the roof!!! .. breastfeedings started to get fewer and fewer as the days went by till they became just one feeding at night before I went to bed when he was already fast asleep because he refused to take it when he was awake! .. I tried every trick in the brestfeeding book as well as advice from proffessionals to no avail so I was content at that ..
    One day he started refusing the night feeding too!! he would just bite with his newly in teeth or refuse to be put to the breast altogether! ... so now he didnt even want the breast when he was asleep either!! he was 7 months old at that time ... anyway my husband was like "if he doesnt want to breastfeed why are you forcing it?" .. I just love that feeling of closeness plus the value of breastmilk is uncomparable to formula .. anyway I stopped breastfeeding for four days as a result of all this "drama" .. then I was like "if he doesnt want the breast at least he can have the breastmilk!!" so I started pumping .. now I pump about 4 ounces at night and give it to him in a bottle before I go to bed .. I even turn it into an "experience" .. I give him his bottle of pumped breastmilk while I sit in my breastfeeding rocker and dim the lights and hold him real close just like breastfeeding .. am I pathetic? .. someone please tell me what I am doing isnt totally crazy ...
  2. I think it's awesome!:rochard: I'd milk it for all it was worth too!{no pun intended ;)}
    I alwyas was a little sad when nursing ended:cry:
  3. You are not pathetic at all!!! I think you're doing a wonderful job and I'm really impressed with your persistence:tup:. Some babies are just fussy nursers, and right now particularly sounds like a nursing strike. It's great that you still express your milk - he may just change his mind and if you stop expressing, it may be too late to return to breastfeeding when he decides he wants to again. Most breastfeeding experts and resources will tell you that babies don't normally wean themselves off the breast/breastmilk before age 1. I think if you can keep providing for him, then you should do so:yes: Good luck!
  4. i think you are amazing! you have the strength of a saint!

    my baby was not as bad as urs and i only lasted 1 month (on and off) of breastfeeding. i was a young newbie mother and couldnt handle all the stress.
    but the good thing was, my son's eczema went away after i stopped breastfeeding. i thought to myself, coincidence? then i heard this controversial news on tv months later, saying that breastfeeding may increase chances of getting allergies. i'm not a doctor but i think eczema is somewhat related to allergies in a degree.(correct me if im wrong)
    so, part of me is happy that i stopped breastfeeding. i mean, lots of moms dont have breast milk and their babies were brought up with formulas, and they seem fine to me. i'd like to take it easy on myself coz i know i have a loooooooooong way to go in this motherhood.

    good luck to u and hang in there!
  5. aww thanks everyone!!!
    I dont think its a nursing strike because it has been this way from day one .. he gets fussy on teh brest as soon as I put him to it .. then he started refusing it altogether! .. this has been going on for over a month now I think .. he drinks the breastmilk from the bottle but even refuses to be put in the cradle position to be breastfed! ..
    I am ALL FOR breastfeeding for the whole two years! .. right now, I will be happy if I last past his first birthday!
  6. I think you are doing the best thing for your little one. I breastfeed my 2 kiddos and now on my 3rd. They never got sick, never had ear infections, the flu or allergies. I also hardly got sick. I wouldn't force him to take it, but I could still consistantly try! I love breastfeeding also.
  7. I think that is really, really awesome and sweet of you to take the extra time to do that. Not crazy at all.
  8. anyone experieneced something like this where the kids stopped taking the breast for a month and then went back??
  9. I think it is awesome you are doing that.:flowers:

    Did you consult a lactation consultant? they might be able to help you.
  10. I dont knwo of any lactation consultants in my area so I consulted an online one .. if you ever heard of Jack Newman? he has a website and he is AWESOME!! he has been with me through all of this and has taught be alot (even with this being my third kid!) .. he thinks its a nursing strike too ... oh well .. I think it goes down to either weaning him or giving him pumped milk which I prefer .. is this going too far? have you ever heard of anyone doing this and keeping on breastfeeding till past the first birthday just by pummping?
  11. I breastfed and pumped milk for my oldest one I think till around 2 years or a little more and for my youngest one I just stopped.

    My boy never had a strike, but at some point he would bite my nipple really hard, which was scary. He would take the bottle and breast (I would breastfed in the evening and morning). He would refuse ANY other food during that time.

    My little girl I just stopped a little while ago, she also drunk pumped milk and got breastfed when she wanted. She however is a big eater and was more interested in FOOD that the breast.

    Just gently keep trying it. For instance in bath...
  12. Well, I have to say in my experience breastfeeding is fabulous for preventing allergies. My mother was from a generation told to not nurse, that it was bad for baby. She is a retired college professor, so she is not an ignorant woman. I nearly died at one week old from being bottle fed. I was only able to eat applesauce, rice, meat, and green veggies for the first 13 years of my life. She began researching foods and allergies in earnest, and decided to nurse my little borther. No allergies from him period. My oldest son had difficulty nursing, and I didn't have the resources to hire a consultant,so we had to wean at 6 weeks. He has food allergies. My middle son I nursed for nearly 2 years, although in the end he only got it at night and throughout I had to supplement with formula because he had the same issue his brother had . No allergies whatsoever. In my family, the longer you nurse, the less severe the child's allergies. I think you are doing a great thing for your baby.
  13. so should I understand that it doesnt matter that he is getting it from the bottle as long as he is getting breastmilk? what about the "bonding" and "closeness" you get when he is nursing at your breast? i miss that!! :sad: .. so should I be thinking (at least he is getting the breastMILK and not formula)? i feel so torn! I am sure this thing is more about ME than HIM haha .. I WANT to breastfeed for ME! for teh selfish feeling of being close to my son and that he NEEDS me .. is that aweful :sad:
  14. breast is best, doesn't matter if it's from the bottle or not!
    Have you tried nursing him again lately?
    Honestly, I commend you for not giving up just because he refuses the breast. . . it's still the perfect food no matter how he gets it, kudos Mom!!!:woohoo:
  15. Don't give up yet, I really admire you and you are doing the best thing for your little one.:flowers: