Breastfeeding question

  1. I am breastfeeding my second child and I am wondering how do I keep my breasts from being lopsided? I know that both sides of my body will never be the same as the other side. But it can be very close right? My first baby did not like being on a cretin side due to head injury from trying to give birth (ended up being a c-section) so I ended up being lopsided. I figured that this time around I would be able to even them out but it doesn’t seem to be the case.
  2. Congrats! and how old are your children? I really have no idea whether you can even things out, may be you can feed more on the other one, but I would be worried if one side was underused whether it would affect milk production.
    I'm currently nursing my second one who is almost one year's old. My problem is how to wean since he dislikes the bottle and sippy cup. He drinks small quantities of liquid through a straw but it's not as efficient as a bottle. I might have to start a new thread on weaning!
  3. ^ I just started a new thread on weaning.
  4. I have no idea! After bfeeding 2 kids, I am a bit off kilter for sure! Sorry, I wish I had some good advice.
  5. Try laying your baby on the bed to breastfeed and then you can lie on one side or the other and give him your breast.

    I breastfed for a long time and now I don't even know if my breasts are lopsided...they're just droopy!
  6. I'm not sure you can{?}
    Does the current baby favor one side?
  7. Thanks for the replys ladies, I was thinking that there was probably no hope for me. But I did get (renting) a top of the line Medela brest pump today!! I think that if I use the smaller side more it will eventually produce more? Well I hope so. I should have asked the nurse.

    My baby doesn’t really favor one side but she does have a little trouble on the right side, witch seems to produce more milk then the left side.
  8. thanks, my son's 3 and my daughters 1 month today.
    Good luck woth weaning, he'll learn to like the sippy cup just give it some time.
  9. yes, the more you nurse/pump, the more that breast will make:yes:
    I guess only time will tell if that actually makes them even out a bit.