Breastfeeding at 8 yrs of age

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  1. ....................................oh, no, not my daughter is not quite 2yrs yet!!! lol

    what do you guys think?!!!
  2. :weird: Um.....well.......whatever works for her I guess? I think her mother should put a stop to that, well actually she should have put a stop to that years ago.......
  3. I have a women lactait for that long?

    And secondly...did you see that? The girls like to draw pics of their mom's boobs.

    That's kinda werid , I think.

    Someone commented on the video..." Lesbians In Training"

    I'm not sure if I'm suppose to giggle.
  4. That makes me sick!!! I think its wrong.
  5. That makes me feel really uneasy - I think as a parent you shouldn't really let breastfeeding go on for that long. Even animals stop their young from feeding at a certain age.
  6. Um, no. Those children are going to grow up with problems...
  7. 8 years? Huh?

    Pros of breastfeeding - good for the kids' autoimmune system, and encourages closeness between mother and child.

    But - I think a kid of that age should not be infantilized that way. A child breast feeds to soothe himself and to comfort themselves, but after a certain age should learn how to do this on their own without help from outside sources. It feels that those kids are attached to their mom's breast the way some kids suck on their thumbs or have a blankie.
  8. I couldn't even watch it until the actual breastfeeding.

    Um, when the child is old enough to actually say, "I'm hungry" then they're too old to be breastfed.
  9. In some other cultures, this practice is quite normal. However, I still find it odd. I knew a lady who breastfed her son when he was four. I was only a kid myself when I observed her doing this, and even then I thought it was completely strange. Nine years old is just too old, IMO. These kids need to learn to deal with life's stresses without needing mommy's breasts.
  10. I think this is almost the nuttiest thing I've seen! It's wrong, IMO!
  11. I really cannot see the benefit in this. What is the cut-off age going to be, where do you draw the line?
  12. I'm ver pro-breastfeeding, but I agree 8 is too long in my opinion.
    not true:nogood:
    That would mean kids shouldn't breastfeed after 18 months or so.
    Some kids as young as 9 months can sign "I'm hungry".
  13. I am all for breastfeeding too and intend to breastfeed my child till at least 2 years of age. But I think it is ugly to breast feed till 8.
  14. Agreed, I think thats way too old and the kids would be teased if school friends knew. I also agree abut the animal thing, when my cat had kittens we kept one and as she got bigger shed try to have some milk and her mother would kick her in the head with her back paws until shed get off. I used to think it was quite funny but she was pretty clever using her own way to try stop her kitten (who was more than old enough to stop!)
  15. the mother is weird in the head that is the nicest way i can put it. She is messing up her daughters someway mentally, they are going to end up with some freaky weird sick sexual fetish. YUK