Breast Reduction?

  1. Much to my DH's dismay, I need and want breast reduction, mine bra size is a freakin' 40 DDD. Unfortunately mine are stubborn and even with weight loss don't get smaller LOL, they were the same size when I weighed 30lbs less...

    My doctor said I am a candidate for it, I'm just scared to go through with it. I can't deal with the constant shoulder pain anymore though, so I think it's time.

    Anyone else here had this done? If you don't wanna get in to the gruesome details about, please PM me. I saw it done on TV once, but need a real live person to talk too about it!
  2. TY! LOL bad Jen, should have done a search first! *spank*
  3. I was just going to start a thread on breast reduction and I found this... was thining of getting it done but havent asked my doctor about it yet.