Breast reduction - sagging

  1. jill -sorry for your trouble. hope you will feel better soon.

    please tell me if I should start a new thread. didn't want to duplicate ...
    has anyone done the opposite - go smaller? is it really as extreme as everyone says? (scarring, pain, etc) I know you can't nurse. does it look out of proportion to the rest of your body?

    also, that may be a dumb question but: is there any other way to deal with the 'sag' effects of nursing, than implants?

    as for self-esteem: I know someone in the family who had a ba (went smaller) bec she just couldn't handle all the attention. this was in her teens (one of my family's open secrets so can't ask her...) and she changed from a mouse in hiding to a stunning, self-assured and out-going young woman. this is not just bec she went out of her teens - you can't imagine what some people can do to your self-esteem, especially the unwanted male comments and staring can just be too much when you don't know where these suddenly came from in the first place... . mind you, she really had 'massive' size issues.... in her case there was psychological assessment so that health care provision would pay for it (and they did). but I don't see why only pregnancy and cancer give you a good reason.
  2. I have a good friend that had a breast reduction. It was medically necessary for her because she was having severe back pain from the excess weight of her breasts. She said it was a breeze. It was done outpatient and was only out of work around a week. She was thrilled with the results. I never knew her original size, but Dolly Parton was a good comparison! She went down to a large C cup. She's been SO happy and her back problems stopped, so it was a great success for her.

    Oh, the nursing issue wasn't on the radar for her. She was older and not planning on kids, so I can't answer that.
  3. to deal with sagging breasts after nursing, another option is a mastopexy (breast lift). although if the sagging is extensive, the ps will likely recommend the addition of small implants to fill in for the lost tissue.
    looks great actually.

    and jill, 300ccs sounds perfect for your frame! :yes:
  4. One of my good friends got a breast reduction while we were in college, and she still says it's the best thing she's ever done.

    One of my coworkers' daughters is hoping to do it this summer. She has awful back pain & her chest is way too big for her body (she wears two bras-one with underwire & a sportsbra over it), but there's a strict insurance process she has to go through to get it covered by insurance. I think they're hoping to have the approval in late May/early June for the surgery.
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  6. I had a breast reduction done about a year and a half ago and I can tell you it is the BEST decision I EVER made.

    I was 5'3 and a DD since I was about 14 (I'm sure you can imagine all the harrassment I got from both boys AND girls growing up). Ever since I was a kid I had always say I was going to get a reduction one day. In my early 20's I started getting really bad upper back and neck pain and finally I decided to finally go see a surgeon and have a consultation.

    Because of my size and the pain my breasts were causing me the surgery was covered 100% and I didn't have to pay ANYTHING.

    I was SO stressed and worried the day before surgery to the point where my stomach was in knots. Seriously though it was NOTHING. I was in and out of surgery very quickly and was home by about 5pm the same day.

    I went from a DD to a C and I love it. The back and neck pain went away almost instantly and you can't imagine how much more comfortable I feel in my clothes. The recovery wasn't that bad at all. I took only 2 pain killers (the first day) and then after that I just took extra strength Tylenol. To be honest it's really more uncomfortable than painful.

    I was able to basically do everything on my own (although you will probably need help getting in and out of your clothes for the first couple of days). I was back driving after a week and went back to work after 2 weeks. I have all the feeling back in my nipples now (it took about 2-3 months for me) and the scarring is barely visible (the doctor will tell you what to do in order to reduce the appearance of scars and help them heal). As far as breast feeding, my doctor said that if you get the sensation back in your nipples (which you SHOULD if you have a good doctor) then you shouldn't have a problem breast feeding. The exception to that rule if if you're reducing by more than 2-3 sizes....basically the more tissue that needs removing the less your chances are of being able to breastfeed....but again, if you have a good surgeon then it helps a lot.

    Honestly, the benefits you get from the reduction far outweigh the brief uncomfort that you experience from the surgery in my opinion.

    Hope this helped!! :yes:
  7. I had a breast reduction 2 years ago this July--a small reduction/lift..... but I am terribly busy at this moment and will come back to share my story later....:yes:
  8. I had a breast reduction, as I stated earlier, two years ago this July. It's one of the very best decisions I've ever made in my entire life. I rank it up there with getting an education, marrying my wonderful husband, having my kids, my career's that significant to me and it's been wonderful! I don't know how women live with larger breasts honestly..but I understand some love having them. They are just not for me.

    I would also like to say that my decision was SOLELY cosmetic. I didn't suffer with any type of back pain or anything of the kind. Since it was purely a cosmetic decision for me I paid in full for my surgery out of pocket and didn't even bother to go through my insurance. I also wanted my surgery done right away so paying in full was that best option for me. I would pay for it over and over a million times. It was worth every penny. I researched (and advise others to do the same) for two years before finding the perfect PS (plastic surgeon) and knowing all I needed to know before ever seeing him. I went into his office very informed and prepared.

    I decided to get my surgery AFTER having my children. Before children I was a normal C cup. After my first son and nursing I had no problems. They got bigger during pregnancy but went back to a 'C' cup afterwards and were still perky and toned. There is a large gap between our first and last born--9 I had no problem until my last son-after he was born and nursing him my breasts grew--they were 'somewhere between a D and DD' and they started to sag. They didn't go back to my normal 'C' cup as they had after my first son. They weren't sagging badly but they sagged enough to bother me and prevent me from going braless. I was used to being very active and free. I LIKE HAVING SMALLER BREASTS. I didn't like the larger breasts at all. I didn't feel comfortable with them and they didn't fit my body. My top is very small (shoulder to shoulder--I'm a 4-6 up top in clothing). They just didn't suit me and on top of that I actually lost confidence. I was getting unwanted attention because of them and just couldn't wear what I wanted. I felt like I wasn't myself anymore. I'm very outgoing naturally and started to become a little introverted. Crazy eh? That's why I had to do something.

    Anyway, I went to talk to my PS two years ago. He's one of the very best in the country and tops in my area. I didn't care about cost or anything..I just wanted them done. My husband was against it and didn't think I needed the fact, no one in my family or close friends thought I needed but my husband, as always, was very supportive of my decision. I did a great job of 'hiding' them. I covered up more and wore tight bras or two bras even. It was ridiculous and wasn't' me at all.

    Anyway, I had the surgery and I'm now back to my regular size--large B/small C cup and I'm so very happy with the results. My breasts were not so saggy and I was still firm and toned (my PS's words exactly) I only needed a small reducation/lift. My results are amazing...some people think I've had an augmentation (that's what my husband because they are sitting high and firm like before. I have no sagging and it's been almost 2 years now. I workout and I'm active, I go braless if I feel like it and it's no big deal. I have very little scarring because of the technique used as well. I had very little pain. I was up and about after a week..but it takes about 3 weeks for you to feel 100% again. Your technique will depend on your particular issues and the amount of breasts tissue that needs to be removed.

    Through my PS I've helped many women who have had questions about reductions since I was one of his best patients (he If anyone has any questions about reductions feel free to PM me. I will try to answer or point you in the right direction if I don't have the answer. HTH someone considering the surgery!
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  9. I had more of a lift than a reduction. (My size was fine, I just had too much skin - it was a side effect of estrogen therapy.)

    Now they're more . . . . up and compact and I love them! They were something that were always bothering me, and I feel more confident in myself.

    I didn't have much pain and it was more annoying than painful but that's because my plastic surgeon only dealt with the skin and not the muscle or the tissue.
  10. my sister had a breast reduction two years ago. she went from an E/F to a C/D....the difference was AMAZING. her back pain stopped, she didn't have to wear three bras every day, she could actually buy clothes that fit....she looked like she lost three dress sizes after her surgery because she could wear the right size clothing. she was was leaving the house after 4 or 5 days, and back to work/school in two weeks (with no lifting for six weeks). there's scarring of course, but it's not terrible and she's able to breastfeed her son with no issues at all. because of the back pain issues, insurance covered it.

    if you're happy with the size, there's also a breast lift (mastopexy) like caitlin discribed. they don't remove any breast tissue, just the extra skin. it's cosmetic, so it usually isn't covered. i plan to get one of those after i have children so i don't have to do it more than once.
  11. swanky, thanks for moving it into a new thread!!

    thanks for all the info - interesting about the 'skin' reduction. hopefully not done having babies yet so I will consider it.

    love all of the stories - actually exactly what I saw from the girl I talked about. It can make a huge difference to a person.
  12. ^^It's best--according to my PS--to wait until you are finished having children and when you are also at a healthy weight (for those who have a significant amount of weight to lose--he stated over 15 pounds---gaining or losing can cause your breast to change significantly). The reason is because, of course, these events can cause the breasts to sag all over again. I was finished having kids and also didn't have any weight to lose. So those issues were of no concern to me.

    So you are correct to wait until you finish having kids.
  13. Yeah my doctor said the same thing. If someone is overweight he will suggest they try to lose some weight first because if most of it is fat tissue and not actual breast tissue then they will grow back over time after the surgery if you continue to be overweight.

    As far as I said, my surgeon said that there is a definite chance that you might not be able to breastfeed...BUT he's found that about 85% of his patients have had no problem breastfeeding after the surgery.

    That said, you have to weigh it out for yourself. To me, the benefits of having the surgery far outweighed the chance I might not be able to breastfeed....but I have regained all feeling, etc. and my doc says I should be just fine!! :yes:
  14. I am also looking at doing a breast reduction/lift. I'm 5'0 and a 36DD. I'm doing it more for cosmetic reason. I hate having big saggy breast at 23. The only thing I'm really worried about besides the actual surgery is whether I wil retain feeling in my breast and the cost. I don't think my insurance will cover any cosmetic work. I would like to go to at least at 34C but the last time I talked to a plastic surgeon, he said that I would have to go down to a B cup, I don't know what is the truth to that but I don't want to go too small. Hoepfully I can have the sugery before the summer months and also lose some weight by the same time. I'm pretty self-conscious and haven't wore a bathing suit to the beach or pool since I was 10.
  15. There is no specific size that you "have to" go down to. Sometimes if your breasts are VERY large then reducing them too much can be a problem...but there is no problem with you going from a DD to a C (I did the exact same thing).

    I would see a different surgeon!!