Breast reduction for a teen


Nov 1, 2005
I agree with everyone that I consult is a good idea, but to also keep in mind that her body is still changing. I had a friend in HS who was constantly teased about her breast, and I remember her complaining about it hurting her back a lot. I know that she thought about it, but decided to wait. Unfortunately, I've lost touch so I don't know if she ever went through with it, but I remember feeling awful because it was both a physical and emotional hindrance.


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Dec 5, 2005
San Francisco
I myself had a breast reduction. I was a 38DD and now a 36D. I got backaches all the time and there were indentations on my shoulders because of my bra straps. My insurance company at the time paid for some of the expenses because it was for health reasons, not cosmetic.
It was the best thing that I had ever done for myself. I'm much healthier since I can exercise now. I agree, go to a consultation and see what the doctor says. I'll suggest waiting until she gets a little older because she may not be fully developed yet. I had my surgery when I was 21, 5 years ago.


Feb 15, 2006
You all had really good advise. She is not sexually active at this point. Thankfully we can talk about anything together and we have talked about sex many times. Right now she is being tested for a thyroid problem, She is always tired, aways cold (her body temp is usually under 97*) and she is a bit chunky on top of it all. I think the best thing is to wait for the results of her blood work before we take her for a consult. Once done, I'll look for a Dr when school is out


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Dec 7, 2005
I knew plenty of girls in high school who had this procedure done. It's not concidered a vanity issue as breast augmentation would be seen as.


Jan 13, 2006
I'm a small 34D ...I have had boobs since 3rd grade (a cup)..then proceded to get larger.....I have gotten use to them, but I want a lift and augmentation(lost weight), hope I an get'em in a year or two

I think it isn't too young, If it makes her not a confidant, and will help her daily life be-come better, their's no reason to not let her get surgery.

Most likely if it isn't done, she will have it done personally in the future. Anyone (fake or not) Will have back problems of some kind do to the extra pressure on their chest if large.

Have a talk with her, and see why she wants it, (self esteem,health reasons, being able to do activities she likes easily)Their's so many benefits of the operation

Surgury today is so much more advanced, Scars have become mostly invisible, and recovery is much faster, don't worry about huge scars for your daughter.....
their so many ways to have the operation done!


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Feb 14, 2006
I had my breast reduction when I was 19, it's very painful, but the results afterwards have left me so very pleased, even my self esteem was better :smile: However, i was told that if i ever want to have children and breast feed then there is a 70% chance i wont be able to..


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Dec 22, 2005
I have a friend who had this procedure and she says it's the best money she ever spent. Her breasts gave her back problems, so it was medically necessary.


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Oct 24, 2005
Los Angeles
Another thing to consider: often women who have had breast reduction are unable to breast feed their babies. I'm sure that's probably the last thing on your daughter's mind right now, though! :biggrin: