Breast reduction for a teen

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  1. My daughter is 17 and absolutley hates her breasts. She is 5'4 and is a 36 dd. She is starting to talk about getting a reduction and lift. Have any of you had a daughter with this problem and do you think that is 17 too young to take her to a surgeon?
  2. I hope you all knew I meant "breast"
  3. I don't have a daughter with this problem but I myself had a breast reduction. Is she still in high school?
  4. Isn't it a health issue, at some point? (Not cosmetic at all). I heard that it was bad for the back, for example, and for respiration. Some people actually need to have this done, at least according to something I read.
  5. Yes, she is a senior, getting out in May. When they do the reduction, do they still make a "Y" cut that leaves pretty bad scars? I knew a woman that had it done abour 20 yrs ago and thats how they did it back then
  6. Maybe just a consultation might be a good idea. See how into it she is and also many insurance companies help pay for breast reductions since it saves chiropracter, pain med cost in the long run. A little checking won't hurt.

    I can see it being a positive thing for her if she accepts the whole consultation process and medical talk from the Dr. Also, it might be good for her before college. Kinda new body, new life positive outlook.

    I am the same breast size as your daughter, but taller. I consider it sometimes, but can't get used to the whole surgical process. Good luck to you and her whatever you both choose.
  7. If its a health issues (back issues etc), I'd say go for it as long as it's totally safe. If its just cosmetic, I'd wait until she was a bit older and it was completely her choice.
  8. I would honestly wait until she's 18 or 19, she may still be developing. My breasts are super uneven, one is a C/D and the other is a B and I've been talking to my doctor about getting an implant in the smaller one so I'm even, and she wanted me to wait until my 18th birthday, and it was a good thing that I did, last April I gained weight and it went straight to my boobs, so they both got bigger. So I'm more than likely getting it done next summer. But she really should wait until she's at least 18. Talk to her doctor about this, see what they say.
  9. Good idea and thank you all for the advice. I'll ask her if she is ready for a consult. She does have low self esteem about her looks right now. Is anyone here from Brevard, Orlando or VeroBeach Fl that can recommend a good Dr?
  10. I would schedule a consult. I would also check to see if her insurance covers it for medical reasons. If you decide to go make sure the surgeon discusses all the potential risks and answers your questions. I'm not sure the lift part would be covered, as that seems more cosmetic. Keep us posted.
  11. I've had a reduction/lift. It was the best money I think I've ever spent!

    I believe the procedure is done with an "anchor" incision. Most of the scar is under the breast, not visible. There is a line from nipple down but I found that using those scar creams helped a lot (the doctor will provide it probably).

    For me it was both a confidence thing & physical. I matured very early, went to public school & all I can say is life was a living h*ll! Seriously. I had been married for 12 years when I did it, my husband loved me as I was but knew I was never comfortable with my size. And then after 3 children...sigh.. He's happy now! ;)

    Not to encourage you, but maybe it's better now, while your insurance might cover the procedure?
  12. When I had it done my insurance paid the hospital bil not the surgery or implantsl. When I needed the replant, my new insurance would only pay for the removal of the ruptured one. I wouldn't be surprised if most companies don't want to pay anything now
    I will let you all know how this turns out. Her happiness is the most important thing for me
  13. I am very small I am 5'1 and have a full 34D. When I was 16 17 I wanted a breast reduction but I was talked out of it by my mom. I decided to wait until I had children. Thank god my breasts are and were always very percky. I don't know how it still is that they are since I was a 34D since 15 years old but I try to take care of them by always wearing a bra unless I have a beautiful gown to wear. I wear a bra to sleep as well. Try to buy her elle machperhson bra'ss with side boning, it helps support the breasts a lot. I would be scared that she is still young and her breats might still grow. Is she sexually active, because if she isn't, when she starts having sex her breasts might grow as well. A young girl's body is changing and I would think its better to wait a few more years to be absolutely positive.
  14. Most plastic surgeons are wary of doing breast reduction on teen-agers since the breasts are still developing. However, there are instances when they would do it for medical and psychological reasons ie... if your daughter is experiencing unrelenting back pain or shoulder pain from the weight of the breasts or if she's been mentally affected by it( maybe not going to school because of lewd comments from classmates, or if her self-esteem has been affected so much that she could not function normally..etc...)Some insurance companies would pay for this if these medical indications are present. It's good that you're getting a consult.Let us know how it goes.
  15. I agree, have a consult. If it's not causing her pain or anything she may decide to wait until after children. A breast reduction inhibits her abilty to ever breastfeed.