Breast Implants Causeing Cancer? What I've heard.

  1. Very scrarry. A very wonderful acquaintance of mine has been diagnosed with Limphoma. Dr's. say its looking as if its due to her textured breast implants. They also say it has been happening so much lately due to these textured implants working against the lymph system it causing cancer in many women and is getting published soon. Thats all I know. Has anyone heard of this?:huh: :cry:
  2. no i havent but that is really scary, especially for those ppl who only wanted to improve themselves...
  3. no i don´t and all these rumours about silicone bore me to death as until now there is no real proof of intact silicone implants doing any harm to you
    oh but anyways of course ifeel soryy for her
  4. Her implants arent even silicone. They are sailene, and now this:sad:
  5. Sad to hear about your friend. The correlation doesn't surprise me though.
  6. yeah the filling is saline but the shell still is silicone ;)
  7. UGH that is just awful! And soooooo scary!
  8. Hmm, Ive never heard of this, but it does make sense. Do you mind me asking, what type of lymphoma these breast implants are causing?

    Btw, dont worry, my friend was diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma last year, and she has had a full recovery. Chemo wasnt too bad either, considering that this a blood cancer.
    My best wishes for your friend that she has a speedy recovery!
  9. I'm sorry about your friend. (((hugs)))
  10. I work in the land of mammography's and a friend of mine had a problem with her implants and had them removed. What I feel is even worse. I have learned many things over the years and wouldn't even consider getting them. I know we will all pass from something I just wouldn't want to help any type of cancer along.
  11. I don't think we are going to know the long term affects of implants right away, since they are a relatively new thing (over the past 25ish years or so).

    I do know that a physician friend of mine has commented she believes that some implants cause auto immune problems. She stated that since they are a foreign object in your body, your immune system may seek to "reject" them over a long period of time. This is not scientific evidence, just theorizing from a friend.
  12. how scary-- but I would never get breast implants anyways.