Breast Feeding In Public

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  1. I, personally, would prefer breast-feeding to be personal.

    why do women, who never before felt any desire to be publicly exposed, lose their inhibitions along with their pregnancy pounds? Your breasts are still breasts. And breast-feeding often receives rude stares, insulting comments, and, . It seems logical that women would be eager to avoid these uncomfortable situations. Instead, they fight for their "right" to experience them, right ?

    What type of people are offended ?

    It's not always convenient to move or change locations every time an infant needs to breast-feed.

    What are your thoughts & experiences ?
  2. I breastfed all three of my children, and occasionally I breastfed them in public. I believe it can be done tactfully, and discreetly. I would put a shawl or blanket over my shoulder, and child. I hated going into a dirty restroom to feed my baby, I only did it once. As long as you aren't flashing your boobs in people's faces, I don't see the problem. It's not a sexual thing, it's feeding an infant.
  3. I think it should be done privately if can. If must done publicly, it needs to be camouflage with a shawl/blanket like Melissa71 said above. I personally find it distasteful for women who breastfeed openly in public, flashing their breasts and all as if they are in the privacy of their own bedroom.
  4. I think there's a lengthy thread about this already{?}

    I think society is warped about this personally.
    Breastfeeding an infant is more 'natural' than bottle feeding one, so I think a nursing Mother should absolutely get to enjoy dinner or conversation w/ her friends and family whilst nursing her child, just as she would if she was bottle feeding the baby.
    If people don't like to see Mother's nourishing their children, they should look at something else. Girls around here expose much more than a nursing mother in my experience.

    From my personal experience, I found it difficult to nurse in public.
    I do not like any attention drawn to myself and I know how part of society feels about nursing in public. That made me feel resentful though. I was so stressed anytime I tried to nurse my poor children that it ended up being a struggle and that's just sad to me :sad:
    I never ever once experienced negativity though, no yucky looks or weird vibes, but I was very discreet as I'm very modest.
    I got more positive response than anything, I had fellow Mom's and Dad's nod approvingly at me or even stop and say "My baby loved to nurse too! Good job!"
  5. Heck yeah, I love it when moms publicly whip out their boo... jk, nevermind. :roflmfao:
  6. BTW, out of teh hundreds of women I've noticed nursing their children, I have never once noticed one "flashing their breasts".
  7. Vlad!!!
  8. On a serious note, I don't see anything wrong with it, but I can see why some people may be uncomfortable with it.
  9. Breastfeeding IS personal. :cool: My two younger ones:heart: were breastfed on demand so breastfeeding in public is unavoidable. Most of the time I carried them in the Maya Wrap Sling and I also wore breastfeeding-friendly clothes, so it's no problem at all. It's breastfeeding-on-the-go, walking while breastfeeding a baby in the sling. Most breastfeeding mothers would share a knowing smile with me;) while others won't even notice there's a baby in the sling. Discreet and trendy :P
  10. :angel:
  11. :roflmfao: Vlad, you're hilarious!
  12. I demand breast fed both my daughters and it is a completely natural thing to do. I think it's ridiculous for anyone to have a problem with it. The female breast is one of the most beautiful and celebrated human forms in art, so I think uptight people should get over it and celebrate the most beautiful, natural thing a mother does for her infant.
  13. Whenever I happened to notice moms BF'ing their young ones, they always managed to hide the process up so it didn't turn into a public breast flashing. I would think it to be more respectful towards the public crowd.
  14. I have always encountered people doing it very discreetly...and I think that it is good...public places are full of young children who may not understand the importance of breast-feeding, etc. so being discreet is good.
    And I think most people who raise this issue just want to be able to do it discreetly without getting horrible stares.....most of them are not wanting to blatantly flash their boobs everywhere.
    I personally have no problem with it!
  15. I never could get the hang of the blanket coverage, so I just pre-pumped and served it up in a bottle when I was in public. Then I dried out at 3 months and had to switch to formula. As for the BFing in public, mothers should be required to use a blanket or shawl to keep it semi-private