breast feeding - boosting milk production

  1. hi all

    i just had my second baby 10 days ago. unlike my first, he is a pretty lousy sucker. my milk came in but is threatening to go away again... any tips on boosting milk production? any thoughts to share about poor sucking in early infanthood??? any advice?

  2. Congrats on your new baby! From experience, you can make your body produce more milk by pumping in between feedings - it tricks your body into thinking there is more than one to feed and starts producing more milk.
  3. I also read that slow cooked oatmeal increases production. Not the instant, just the regular. There is something that is lost in the making of instant that removes whatever it is that increases milk production. Oh, and I went to my local La Leche league who hooked me up with a specialist when my middle one couldn't nurse well. She helped us figure out why and helped us work around it.
  4. Nurse, nurse, nurse & pump whenever you can. Supply & demand applies when it comes to breastmlik. Be sure to drink lots of water & eat well. Some people say eating oatmeal helps boost breastmilk supply you can also try taking Fenugreek capsules.
  5. My dd went on a few nursing strikes when she was under 6 months so those first 6 months I was always worried about supply.
    Pump, pump,pump and nurse, nurse, nurse! and if they won't nurse, keep pumping. I pumped for every feeding everytime DD went on a nursing strike. I also took fenugreek tablets and drank mother's milk tea all the time. It really did help.
    Make sure you have a good pump... a double electric is best because your body will produce more milk when both breast are stimulated simultaneously. I liked the Medela Pump in style.
    DD is almost two now. We are still nursing, although we are slowly inching our way towards weaning!
  6. My advice if your baby is not a great nurser is to rent the Medela Lactina plus from your hospital. (you rent the motor and buy the kit with the pump) Anyway, its the best pump and it REALLY stimulates milk production. I have done that with all three of my kids. I have a four month old and am still nursing him exclusively. (Its great for weight loss too). Oh and I have to say, Fenugreek pills and the nursing mother's tea that contains fenugreek is GREAT. Only drawback is you'll smell like maple syrup, but that's not so bad!
  7. Pump pump pump! Definitely supply and demand and it might take a while for it to work, so don't give up.
  8. Like everyone said, pump, nurse, stay hydrated, try to stay rested. Also, I had a friend who swore by fenugreek (spelling?) she got it in pill form at one of those Vitamin stores.
  9. thanks so much for all the posts. i have been pumping between feedings today with the medela pump in style. it is a little sad how little i get each time but i will keep at it. also want to try the fenugreek - tea and tablets - and the oatmeal... rest, hydration and good food so sensible and yet so hard to keep track of with a ten day old!!! but i am less discouraged now than when i first posted so thanks again!!!
  10. My sister in law is lactation specialist with a hospital. You may want to call the hospital where you had your new baby (congrats as well) and see about setting up an appt with one. They are there to help with any questions or concerns you may have and always willing to meet with you.
    My SIL wasn't able to nurse my nephew and my neice she also ran into some issues with production so even the professionals run into issues with feeding.
    You'll do great. Your baby deserves it.
  11. I also agree to pump alot. My MIL swears that eating almonds increases the supply. (She tried to feed them to me with each of my four children, even though I'm ALLERGIC!!!) Also, if you put hot compresses on right before you nurse, the milk flows easier. Good luck...
  12. I'd suggest getting a pump and start pumping. That way, your breasts will be tricked into thinking the baby is nursing and will keep it's supply going.

    Also, you could try fenugreek and mothers milk tea
  13. One of the things I remeber is that you have to completely empty your breasts. When your baby is done feeding, use a pump, massage your breasts while your pumping to help bring all of the fatty milk down while pumping.

    Next would be to feed your baby more frequently. If you are feeding every 3 hours, try every 2 1/2.

    A manual hand pump works perfect for this. I used an Ameda hand pump, as well as the Ameda electric pump.

    Best of luck!!!
  14. pumping, fenugreek, one beer a day, and, for the truly desperate, domperidone.
  15. also, if your dr. doesn't know about domperidone, your lacation consultant should (you need an rx). also, you may need a compounder to make it for you; it's not nec. readily available. questions? pm me and i can help you!