breast fat & underarm fat


Jun 18, 2009
I bought this strapless dress just yesterday without trying it on, the event is tomorrow, and I won't be able to buy another dress in time.

Problem is: that when I wear my "sweetheart neckline" too high, then there is armpit fat showing. When I wear it lower, there is breast fat. :cursing:

I don't know what to do. Any way to resolve this? I tried on the larger size, but then the dress won't stay up and will fall down so I bought the smaller size without trying it on.
Unfortunately I don't think the shaper is going to help. Well, maybe if you can get the squishy parts tucked into the shaper and hopefully it'll hold them in. I feel you, I have horrible squish around my underarms :sad: Not because I'm particularly large, I just have poor arm muscle lol.


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Feb 6, 2007
To fit correctly, a strapless dress needs to be relatively tight - it's not an empire line maxi dress! It has to stay up with no straps!

To minimise 'breast fat' (although honestly I'm not sure what you mean by this term) make sure you have an excellent quality strapless bra on. It will support your bust from below and add another layer under the dress for a firm fit.

Good luck!


windy city
Dec 12, 2008
ITA with Chris! Try Spanx, they're great. Also, can you go bra-less in the dress? This might sound weird, but for me, when I wear a bra and anything strapless I get those 'wings' but without the bra I don't have them (maybe because it's not as tight)