Breast Enhancement Pills?

  1. Do they really work? Has anyone taken them before? If so, what were your results? What is the best brand to try? Sorry 4 all the ?'s...just wondering if these really work or not. =/
  2. No they don't work, total scam.. If you do a search, there was a thread about this last week or so :yes:
  3. really? i can't seem to find it.:confused1:
  4. Tried it once, forget the brand, one of the "major". Gave me some additional fullness which went away as soon as I stopped taking them. Waste of money...
  5. wow...I really feel like trying it out but it's so scary that no one here has heard of it :confused1:
  6. There's been another thread about these.
    We've done many warnings but this crazy idea that these are safe keeps popping up.
    So we give up.