breast enhancement pills/creams... do they work?

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  1. ok weird question/title but i have been hearing about some breast enhancement pill/cream on the radio so i did some research and there are actually a lot of them out there. what's the verdict on this? anyone from personal experience (if you are willing to share). i'm so curious i want to try... but....??? i dunno. :confused1:
  2. No. If you could really get boobs from a bottle, nobody would bother with implants kwim? If you're looking for something that makes a big difference, buy a water bra. Seriously. They add like 2 cup sizes! :tup:
  3. Sorry the only thing that will increase is the advertisers bank balance if you fall for the advertising and buy the "miracle" in a bottle/tube.
  4. yeah... no they don't work, sorry! To increase your breast size, you need to get implants, get pregnant or get some padding LOL.

    They costs heaps of money and don't even give you temporary results (like a lip plumper would). They really are just a complete waste. You may as well chuck your money in the bin!
  5. The only thing these creams do is maybe make the skin better but nothing can give you bigger boobs or perkier boobs other than a good bra or surgery.
  6. i'm so gullible. :sad:
  7. Not 100% true, anything that works the chest muscles (swimming for example) can give them a little boost up the way. Won't work miracles, but a step in the right direction.
  8. ^ That's true for some people. If you have some breast tissue, you can build your pec muscles to kind of enhance what you've got. But if you're really flat you have to be careful with the chest exercises, or you'll wind up looking like a guy.

    Birth control pills can also increase bust size, because of the hormones. I don't think those over the counter pills can do the same, or the FDA would have to regulate them. I think what they probably do is just make you bloat and retain water...
  9. I 2nd the opinion on the water bras, they're great! They look really natural, too. :tup:
  10. Don't feel too bad. Several years ago, I seriously considered buying pills or that Brava system thing. Then it occurred to me that if they really worked (as one poster said above), no one would be getting implants! I think I felt desperate and WANTED to believe that there was an alternative. I am cool with my flat chest now...and my lovely Wonder Bra really does do wonders! :lol:
  11. Well my 9 year old told me her magic potion that she has been rubbing on her breasts is a mixture of lotion, soap, and water. I about fell on the floor laughing. My DH thought it was hilarious.
  12. no, save your $$$$