Breast Cancer Keychain

  1. Did the breast cancer keychain came in two different shades of pink? I have seen the light pink one, but I'm wondering if it came in a very dark pink color as well?
  2. I believe it was just the lightish pink

    also, these are NEVER discounted, never at the outlets, etc. I believe you can get them discounted at PCE, but if you see them on eBay for less than $45-$50 new they are fake. they arefaked ALLLL the time. Retail on them is $58
  3. So sad that these fakers try to make money off of a disease.
  4. just the one shade of pink since breast cancer is the light pink color....
  5. They had them at Michigan City Outlet but NOT discounted, just there if you wanted to buy for 58
  6. :tdown: Oh I know!!! :sad:
  7. They are middle pink, like a bubblegum color. Not dark.
  8. yeah, I saw them at San Marcos full price once too
  9. They're three different shades of pink plus some white on one keychain - never all one color and NEVER any shades but pink. And probably all of them except for 2 or 3 on eBay are fakes. Buy them at the Coach store and make SURE the money goes to BC research. Otherwise it's going to organized crime and child labor.

    Also remember that Coach keychains NEVER come in boxes with stick-on labels on the side or in flat white and brown boxes.
  10. I think we should clarify for ally916 -- there are two different BC key fobs. One is made of enamel, as mentioned in the post above mine, and looks like this:


    The other is made with crystals and looks like this:

  11. They have them( the crystal one above) at the Factory Store I go to in Lebanon, TN & at Pigeon Forge, Tn Store, but as another member said they are full price.
  12. The enamel one was discounted at the Howell, Michigan, outlet recently. It was $39, which surprised me because I didn't think those would ever go to the outlets or that they would be discounted.
  13. be careful of the fakes of the crystal one. the "crystals" will be rounded and not faceted. Makes me SO damn angry that people will fake stuff and say it goes to charity.
    BTW I have the crystal one and it looks so nice!
  14. i could imagine how much the crystal one will bling!
  15. Thanks for clarifying!