Breast Cancer Info

  1. Ladies-

    I know there have been a few mentions on the board about breast cancer and getting your yearly exams and I'd like to share a website with you all with information and facts re: Breast Cancer. This is something near and dear to my heart- I have lost family members to Breast Cancer and have already had my own scare at age 21. So please, please please... share this website with people you know and love :heart:

    Strength In Knowing
  2. Thank you so much for posting Megs. I have lost family members to Breast Cancer too.

    This is totally off topic, that is such a cute picture of you and Vlad. You guys make such a beautiful couple :love:

  3. Thanks for the compliment. Too bad I look slightly constipated. :Push:
  4. Do you remember hardly ever hearing the word cancer... And now that I am older it is like it's everywhere. I have lost three family members to it, a good friend lost both breasts. It just seems to have taken over.. Horrible horrible thing
  5. Thanks Megs - really excellent website

    What is really sad is that almost everyone you meet has been touched by cancer whether directly or indirectly
  6. Megs,
    Thanks for putting this out there. I have worked in the Oncology field for over 15 years now and it is frightening the number of YOUNG women being diagnosed with this disease.

    On a personal note, my :heart: Mom:heart: has just finished her radiation and other than a monthly infusion of Herceptin, she all finished with her treatment. It has been a horrible year for her (and me too:crybaby: ) but it is over and she is CANCER FREE!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Just as my Mom was winding down her chemotherapy, we received a call from my hubby’s 49-year-old sister (she lives in SanAntonio) and she has been diagnosed with a very aggressive Breast Ca...:crybaby:

    She is in the middle of her battle now.

    I worry so for my daughter who is 30.... Now both of her grandmother's, maternal and paternal had Breast Ca.

    The importance of self-exam, mammograms, etc. cannot be stressed enough. It takes virtually minutes out of your month, year... if you get cancer, it will take away a lot more than that..
  7. I'm glad this was useful for you all!!!!! Cancer is rampant and I have had many family members experience it and struggle- and it is so frightening but early detection is great now and people really need to go to their annual appts to get checked out! It can be fought and beat :heart:

    For all of you experiencing or dealing with any form of cancer- stay strong and we are here for you!!

    Thanks for the compliment about our picture- It is one of my fav's!!!! :love:
  8. thanks for the info. i used to think breast cancer was something i would concern myself with once i got older. but when a co-worker told me about the surgery she had to go thru to remove a tumor in her breast (she's barely 23) i started doing self checks. it's scary.
  9. ^ Exactly what happend to me mahbag, at 20.... :cry:
  10. Great Sharing...thank you! I am waiting on my diagnostic scan report as I post this...hope it is good news! Can't do another biopsy...too much for me!!!
  11. Megs, thank you so much for caring about all of us -- one big family :love: :love: :love:

    Kelly, I hope you get a great report -- waiting is the worst :heart: