Breast Cancer Charm

  1. I was at our local Coach store this afternoon and couldn't resist purchasing the new Breast Cancer Pink Heart Charm.

    Pics below...
    DSC03433.JPG DSC03434.JPG
  2. Very pretty :yes:

    Edited to ask: Does anyone know if Coach donates any of the sale proceeds to breast cancer research?
  3. Nice!!!:yes: I might just have to get that!:graucho:
  4. Yep, 20% from all the breast cancer pieces. I just bought that charm today & I'm contemplating the cell phone lanyard!
  5. oh that is pretty! Pretty good excuse to go shopping now!
  6. I'm not a charm girl typically, however that charm is adorable!
  7. :tup: I want to get one of the breast cancer charms. I saw a few online today - my mom's a survivor and I've had 2 scares - so I'm a HUGE supporter! (She's 11 years this fall - YEAH!:heart:) Her bday is Fri - maybe I should get her one! I'm glad to hear that so many TPF'ers are interested in them - you go girls!!! And I'm happy to hear that Coach donates some of the profits - that is a total bonus.
  8. very cute. how much money actually goes towards breast cancer?
  9. very nice! I want one!
  10. I was thinking of getting this same charm since my best friend has had breast cancer for over 2 years now. Its really cute.
  11. They donate 20% of the keyfob, charm and lanyard and $100 for the watch sales.
  12. I ordered two of the keyfobs - one for me and one for my mom. She was diagnosed in April and finishes her radiation treatments next week - this is going to be my present to her when her treatments are done! :yahoo:

    ETA: now I want the charm too!
  13. Wow!! I love it I am going to get one this week.
  14. That is awesome!
  15. Hijacking this thread (since I can't find the August Purchases one) to show my new breast cancer's so pretty!