Breast Cancer Awareness!!!

  1. I just want to let all you know how sad i feel about October No one is doing much around here about BREAST CANCER AWARENESS!!!!! I havent seen much going on! PLease please do your part. My mother had breast cancer but survived it I donated Money this month, I also bought items that donated money, and I also bought my mother a nice card and told her how strong she is. PLEASEEEEE do your part! It makes me so sad that people are ignoring this holiday its the whole month of OCTOBER!
  2. I am sorry about your mother and glad she survived it! That is very scary. Maybe people are doing more than you realize but aren't discussing it on the threads? I don't think it is that people are ignoring it- I actually had no idea it was this month.

    Also, maybe you could offer us some suggestions or the best ways people can show support.
  3. Each year I buy a Saks Breast Cancer Awareness top for myself and my BFF and I wore it today, Viva La Cure! I like that it generates attention when I wear it :yes:

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif] All proceeds benefit the Entertainment Industry Foundation Women's Cancer Research Fund. The Fund helps to advance scientific research into better detection of breast and other women's cancers.

    BTW: this year's top runs very large (I am size 2 and I am swimming in the Small)
  4. awww so cute!! way to go! i wasnt saying that on the forums we arent talking it about i meant everywhere... And see you didnt even know it was this month of OCT.. we should just help spread the word!!! thank you all
  5. I am sorry about your mom, i am glad she is ok. I do my grocey shoppng @ Safeway and they have almost every product participating in the awareness, so you'd buy something and donate at the same time, I made sure I bough only participating products and donated some money too. Also I received my shape magazine last month (with Sheryl Crow on the cover) and there was so much going on. It doesnt look like it but I think lots of people are trying very hard to help.
  6. So glad your mum is ok! My SIL had it at 39, 6 years down the line she is ok, thank God! A very worthy cause & I always donate! Positive attitude is so important!
  7. Well I can't say I've been doing much on the boards, but our division at work had a "Think Pink" morning tea yesterday and raised money through that.
  8. My Aunt just got her two years clear from breast cancer report. I sent this to her as a sort of "You go Girl" gift. Part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. Isn't she beautiful? :tender: