Breast Augmentations in Seoul

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  1. I have done my BA in Seoul , Korea on the 24th June last month.
    My surgeon is Dr Park Jin Seok from Apgujeong.
    Being a medical personnel myself. I am quite careful and picky when it comes to choosing the right doctor.

    The reasons I chose him are:
    1. He is a breast surgeon..specializing in breast procedures including breast revisions. We all knew that breasts revisions are not easy work...fixing other drs' failed works requiring good and specific skills. Logically if you want to have the best outcome from a surgery, do it RIGHT at the FIRST time. So I am thinking why not choose someone that is specializing in BA only..instead of a general surgeon. So I chose him.

    2. He is famous among the locals. We all know which doctors are reputable in our own countries. .and which ones are the 'bad' apples. Being a foreigner in Korea, the only exposure I might get with which drs are good depends on how good the hospitals are in advertising and marketing overseas. In fact, this can be quite misleading. Thus, if Dr Park is recommended among the locals, I am very sure he is my best choice.

    3. Reasonable price. He does not charge me higher because I am foreigner unlike some of the well known hospitals in Korea. We can tell by getting many different quotations for the same procedure and materials among the Korea hospitals. Dr Park charges are transparent and consistent. I did not bargain with him as I feel he deserves the price quoted.

    Anyway. I decided to go ahead with BA after completing family. I consulted him thru emails regarding my intention and within 3 weeks I was on his operating table./:P The consultation was detailed and satisfying. The operation took less than an hour and on that same night after the surgery I was roaming around the streets of Korea shopping ! :P

    Being a mother the pain post surgery is tantamount to initial few weeks of breast feeding..when my boobs were sore and full. It was definitely less than a C-section pain! I went to his clinic daily for antibiotics drips. The few few days of pain killer drips might be well I felt less pain.

    The outcome; AMAZING. My boobs look natural and I am still waiting for them to soften up. Even my husband who opposed to my BA initially now compliment on Dr Park's art work. Hehe.

    Dr Park is sincere and patient. I would definitely recommend to babes here who are keen for BA.
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  2. how much is breast surgery that you had?
  3. I am doing IMF incision allegen tear drop textured implant 6.5 million woon.
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  4. Hi Cici69 -

    Do you have kakao? I would like to know more about your surgery with Dr. Park. Please add me: smokococo

  5. thanks for your review! how much did you paid for the procedure?
  6. Question, with regards to the tear drop whilst you are in lying down flat on your back, do you notice any irregularities concerning the shape?