Breast Augmentation?

  1. LMAO!
  2. I think about it ALL the time. I'm a large A/small B. Sometimes I'm happy with them but other days I just want them BIGGER, you know??? But I think if I get them, I may regret it so I decided I'm not going to get them b/c of the pain, or somehting goes wrong... etc.
  3. :confused1: hmmm...maybe if/when I get the girls done...I could get another surgery at the same time that would keep me from peeing everytime I belly laugh, sneeze or cough!:wtf: :crybaby:
  4. Mine grew and stayed that way. I didn't elect to have my reduction/lift until my son was nearly 3.5 years of age. That was 2 years ago nearly. I thought they would go back down also because they did after my first son and they were still perky after my first son too. I didn't gain as much weight with my first son however. After my baby boy, they grew like balloons and fell and stayed that way! I was so upset with them. I just said I have to do something about this. I am also small up top...Shoulder and chest width so I just felt 'off balance' with them being
    Anyway, like I said before, it's the BEST decision I made for myself and I'm loving my full and perky B's. I'm just right and I can wear what I want and jump and hop around as I wish without fear of knocking my own or someone elses eye out! I have the breast of a teenager and it's actually great!

    I do understand wanting to go larger though...especially if you have never had breasts. Like I said..the grass is always greener I guess. As long as you are's your business;)
  5. I'm so glad you're happy w/your results!!
    Just curious...did you nurse? I think it's the nursing part that seals the deal on them. I have some friends that stayed the same or stayed a bit bigger, but none of then nursed.
  6. nursing absolutely sealed my fate, although it was FAR more worth it than not nursing:yes
    YES, if they can something for the other issue, get 'er done!
  7. The odd thing is that I nursed for nearly a year with our first born. My breasts stayed perky and went back to my pre-baby size when I finished nursing. There is a large gap between our first and second born. They are 9 years With our second I nursed him for about 8 breasts just didn't bounce back. Age maybe? Weight gain and quick loss after pregnancy maybe?? Some would say I was nuts...and many did....because many didn't think anything was wrong with my breasts at all or that they were even huge....including my husband and I guess by a lot of peoples standards..they were nice but I just didn't like the sag mostly and I liked being able to wear what I wanted without feeling self-conscious.
    Everyones different......LOL Weird huh??
  8. ^^^ totally nursed then! And got away w/murder you little vixen! You were blessed w/some good booby genes!!!
    My sil is thinking of it, but she'd get a lift as she still is large, but hates the sag too. She's so funny...she says when she puts on a swim top, she has to fold her girls up and stuff them inside!!!! HAAA...nice visual, huh?!

    And girls...what does FAC stand for after the MD behind the docs name? The doc I'm looking to have my consultation with seems to be the only one w/that acronym behind his naem, in my area.
  9. ^Fellow of The American College of Surgeons (FACS) ;)
  10. ^^ Yes, I know how your sil feels..well at least I used to

    btw FAC or FACS rather means that the surgeon is recognized by the American College of Surgery. The 'F' stands for 'Fellow'. I asked my surgeon that question when I went to my initial consult.
    It just means that the surgeon was found to meet all of the standards or exceeded the standards set by their board.
    Always check your surgeon out completely before and after your initial consult. You can check to see if their license is current or even if they are Board Certified in Plastic Surgery. You'd be surprised to know that some doctors are not Board Certified in Plastic Surgery...yet they are performing these surgeries. You want to find a surgeon who is board certified in Plastic/Reconstructive surgery and one who also has a lot of experience with the specific surgery you are interested in. Don't be afraid to ask them any questions and if you are not comfortable don't hesitate to head to a second, or even third or fourth consult with different surgeons. This is your body and you want it done right..the first time! Good Luck!
  11. Some questions for you girls:
    First...check this out. Before and After Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants Photos
    Besides ewww to the max...I need clarification. From appears hers are under the muscle, right? so...all of her rippling and dropping is because of? WHat? Too big and maybe the dr didn't place them correctly?

    Ok...I had a consult and this is where I'm at decision wise.
    Info: I'm thin skinned w/little fat and just the tiniest bit asymmetrical. (never noticed that til the pic! lol!)

    For certain doing UNDER the muscle and I think I've eliminated Round. (I think I'm too small and they'll look too round on me) THat obviously, eliminates any of the profile choices.
    I'm trying to decide between anatomical (majorly leaning towards) or silicone gel (only approved for last 2 mo in u.s.) I love how natural the anatomical looks. I like how natural the silicone supposedly feel. My hesitation towards silicone is that they look somewhat similar to round to me.

    THoughts? I would LOVE to hear your input.

    And...OP...where are ya?:confused1: I hope I didn't hijack your thread! :shame: You just happened to create it right at a time I was considering also.
    Have you made any choices or had a consult??
  12. Wait! Did you say you're an F cup?!
    Maybe I do want to see pics! ha! Ummm...vlad asked, not me:graucho:
  13. Unfortunatley, rippling is somewhat common in saline implants. It can be very mild to severe (like that pic..) It often occurs when an implant is underfilled & if they are overfilled too much, they feel too firm. There is a fine line there to get the perfect amount. If someone is thin skinnned without alot of breast tissue, then rippling is more apparent. The bottoming out part is usually either because the weight of the implant or the Dr. made the "pocket" too large & the implant slips down from where it should be.

    Her problem was that she went too large & didn't have sufficient breast tissue to accomodate the implants. 780cc's?! Good Lord!
  14. Hi girls I'm so glad i've found this thread.I've been skimming through it but will come back later to read more thoroughly.I can relate about the breastfeeding.I have two kids and with my younger one I breast fed until after he turned one.I can remember having 36C's and not too long ago I went to get measured and the lady crushed my heart by telling me i'm a 34B or something close to it she really wasn't for sure I guess she was new to measuring at VS.Anyway my DH told me to do what makes me happy and if its implants then so be it.

    Here's the kicker its been a 1yr ago since he said that.Since then I've tried pills and two different creams.I ended up buying the Hottest body breast firming stuff from VS and I use it for a month and they really lifted them but they are small,lol.DH said he thinks the stuff shrunked them.I don't know but I've been trying to find ways around it but I think there isn't.

    My question to anyone on here is did you get it through your belly button and if so how did your stomach feel after all of that.Is it true you gotta get them changed out after so many years?
  15. ^ Implants are not lifetime devices.. at some point they will need to be replaced. However, there is no exact timeline like "you must get them replaced every x number of years". Sometimes an implant will leak or someone will decide to change their size or just after a long # of years, some girls will feel more comfortable getting the old ones replaced. Everyone's situation will be different :yes: