Breast Augmentation?

  1. ^Yeah, I wish that I could find some current statistics. I think the last numbers I saw were from about 3 years ago and the FDA reported that approximately 35% of breast revision surgeries were due solely to the patient wanting an increase in size - that's not exactly what I would consider "most" women (when you hear the argument that most women wish that they had gone bigger).
  2. That's a HUGE percentage though. So 1/3 of revision patients are disatisfied enough to undergo another surgery... Many more are wishing they could or saving up for it. Just saying. I'm happy with my size so I'm not advocating anything, just sharing my observations.
  3. Hi all. Just checking back in here. I had a second consult yesterday and got to play with sizers this time. My first PS was right - I looked best with the 300cc sizer (for my smaller breast). This second PS recommended essentially the same surgery (same incision, placement, size, etc.) but she only wanted to lift one breast (the right is borderline needing the lift). I was happier with my first PS and his office overall, so I think I am going to go with him.
  4. ^Thanks for the update. Keep us posted:smile:
  5. I will be going for BA next week. Will be leaving for korea on sunday and returning in 2 weeks.
    The consultation is on Monday and the op is on Tues. The problem is that I will be travelling and living alone, and I have almost zero knowledge on BA. I heard that the first few days re hard and super comfy.

    I have done rhino and several other ops before and have gone through much pain and discomfort. Hows BA like?

    I will be getting them done at Item Clinic, only because they agree to give me a free nose tip revision (my nose done by them didnt heal v nicely, might be because its a revision case) and the marketing manager tells me they are going to use the "gummy bear" implants - not sure about incision methods though. I'm a small A, and would like to get full C. How does the cc works?

    I'm 21 and how long are they likely to last?

    And what are some of the impt post/pre op precautions I should take?

    Advices will be much appreciated :smile:
  6. are you sure you're ready for a BA? you should at least do some research before you get them. it's not a plug in implants and you're good to go thing. do you have someone (ie a nurse, friend, etc) to help you the first several days? if not you need someone there. you can't lift things for several weeks post op.

    are you sure you want it done at clinic that didn't get your nose right?
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    Wow. Just wow.
    I don't know how anyone can have an elective surgery that they know nothing about :weird: or worse yet, have additional procedures at a clinic that wasn't even competent enough to successfully preform the first one :cray:

    My only bit of advice to you would be to cancel your procedure and reschedule it after you have done your research.
  8. I agree, cancel your surgery and do your research. A lot could go wrong with BA.
  9. I did some research on post-op care and medical consequences and issues that can arise. I prepared several things such as back patches, multi-vitamin tablets, loose clothing in button down style, sunblock, so on .. And I've looked at post-op massage techniques as well.

    I'm certain that I will be able to manage being on my own and I'm confident that this clinic will do a good job.
  10. All of the after care stuff doesn't matter when you don't know anything about the surgery. This is absurd.
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    You said yourself in your first post that you "have almost zero knowledge of BA" (your exact words).
    Since you seem to be lacking the maturity level that I would expect of someone who's about to undergo a fairly major medical procedure, my advice to you is still to cancel until you do your research.
  12. I'm supposed to be flying off tmr.. After reading all of the replies, I was quite upset and extremely discouraged..
    I tried to ring the item manager.. She didn't answer and that did it..
    Might just postpone the date for now. So lost ..
  13. ^It would be wise to postpone
  14. There are forums dedicated to BA. After joining one, my entire outlook on the surgery changed. I think you should postpone the surgery and have it in your home country.
  15. ^^I second joining the BA forum(s). They were a tremendous help in knowing what to expect and being able to talk with others who have had it done about your concerns, etc.