Breast Augmentation?

  1. ^Really? I have never heard of getting bigger (in bra sizes) as time goes on? I guess it's possible, but thats not something that I've heard from the plastic surgeons I've worked with.
  2. I think they meant during the drop and fluff months. I tried on a bikini top in a size 6, and a week later, I was a size 8. And now it's too small for me. I don't even know if I'm swollen or not. It's a little confusing.. I'm just going to not buy a lot of bras until about 6 months from now.
  3. I'm a 34F at Nordstrom and "specialty" bra stores, but at VS, I'm 34C or 34D. I have 350cc moderate profiles. I think it just has to do with the store, and the bra(s) I've been fitted for at Nordies are specifically for women with implants where as VS isn't.
  4. My gf got her implants 3 weeks ago, she went to Nordstrom and they told her 32DD. She left and went straight to Victorias Secret, they measured her as 34C. Go figure....I pay no mind to the measuring tape ladies...
  5. Oh yeah. The salesladies at VS have told me that I look way too small to even be a D. I'm a 34DD at VS.
  6. Immediately after my surgery (335cc) I was a 34C and then a few months later was wearing 32DD or 32E.

    I wear a 32D in Victorias Secret but would never fit a D cup here in Australia now.
  7. I've been bouncing back and forth on the idea of getting my breast done. The only thing really holding me back was some of the awful horror stories I've read. Actually, one of my friend's mother had her's done. They look great, a bit large, but great nonetheless. Aside from that, she complains about how hard her breast now feel and how she lost sensations in one of her nipples. Is that common? I don't want to lose feelings....anywhere! Has this happen to anyone else?
  8. ^Complications do happen, so it's wise to take them into consideration when making your decision. Most women do not experience major complications with breast augmentation, but you should not consider the procedure if you are not willing to deal with those possibilities.
    When breasts feel hard, it is typically the result of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture occurs when scar tissue forms around the implant, resulting in painful breast stiffness and possible leakage of the fluid inside the implant.
    A loss of sensation around the nipple occurs as a result of nerve damage. It is most common in women who have chosen the periaereolar incision. This incision is among the most popular incisions used by surgeons to insert implants during breast augmentation. The periareolar incision is made around the edge of the nipple where it meets the surrounding breast tissue. The scar from a periareolar incision is virtually invisible, as it blends well with the natural change in skin color.
  9. Vhdos you're the resident expert on here about BA!! When I get the courage to have mine done I know who to ask about everything :smile:
  10. ^Well, I wouldn't exactly call myself an "expert" on anything:lol: DH and I work in the medical industry and I have done a ton of research on breast augmentation.
  11. ^^ I always say I should have been in the medical industry because I love to research medical's fascinating to me. I was actually in school to be a nurse anesthetist, but after a while I realized that for me being a stay at home Mom, it would be too hard to go into a job that was going to have me working that much so back to teaching it! and I still haven't started working in that either. Just finished a long term sub job and I'm SO glad it's over even though I loved the job, I love being able to be there for everything for my son still too much. He's only 9, that's still little to me :love:

    Anyway, back to the thread...sorry to get off topic :lol:
  12. Just to update, my breasts have definitely gotten smaller at the upper pole. I guess the volume has redistributed, although when I look at comparison photos, the entire breasts look smaller. I haven't gone down in cup size yet, actually, my F cup bras are now a little tight. :shocked: Overall, I am much happier with them now at 8 weeks post op.
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    hehe... decided to post a pic... its about 2.5months since my surgery. according to VS, i am a 32D- i will be going back to get these puppies increased in a few years

    -again... 550cc's High profile silicone. i started with NOTHING. lol. ---A cup.
  14. ^^ you look great!
  15. You look great, lvuittonaddict! How do you like them? I wish I was a D cup.