Breast Augmentation?

  1. Hi Ladies, I was wondering for those of you that have had breast are they, do they feel & look natural. Are you happy with them? What is the general price? I'm thinking of getting my breast done for my birthday (a gift to myself) I wasn't blessed in that area & just want to hear what you all have to say. I've been wanting implants forever but fear pain. I just want to also make sure I can financially do it. If anyone in virginia has had it done & happy with the results can you please PM the doctors info that you used. Thanks All!:flowers:
  2. PM'd you:smile:
  3. I haven't but I've considered it. Check out There is a Dr. Dewire that a lot of people talk about as being great and I think he might be in VA but I'm not sure.
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  5. I had mine done in 1996 and have regretted it almost every day since. I cannot feel my nipples anymore, my left breast hurts constantly, sometimes so painful that I cannot roll myself over to get out of bed. I think the implant must be hitting nerves? I want to have them removed but it will cost so much since I will now have to have a breast lift to have nice looking breasts.
    On the upside they look beautiful as my PS did a fantastic job. He is one of the best in the Chicago area and I paid more than the average price to have him operate on me.
    I would encourage you to really have a heart to heart with yourself and decide your reasons why you want the surgery. Is it you that really wants it or your partner? For me it was my DH, he didn't like how my breasts had deflated after 2 pregnancies. Nor did I, but had I known what I know now, I would have made a different choice.
    Feel free to ask me questions.

  6. Have you talked to the PS that did them? Maybe if they are hitting a nerve, he could fix them for free or at least at a reduced cost....Thats awful that you are in pain:heart: Hugs:heart:
  7. I absolutely LOVE mine! It's not for everyone but I am so glad I did it. Dh did NOT want me to do it but they aren't his boobs and now that I have them done he is thrilled! HEE HEE
  8. I had mine done 3 years ago... after back to back pregnancies, by breasts were not what they were. I never minded having small perky breasts but after was all said & done, I had saggy little teabags :s Plus I had noticable asymmetry. AA on one side, A on the other.

    I've never regretted a single day of it. I had the most awesome, easy recovery ever. I didn't go big.. I'm only a small C. Frankly, none of our friends even noticed I had them done. They normally saw me when I was wearing a Victoria's Secret miracle bra. After the surgery, I went to wearing just a bralette. Not much difference fully clothed. is where I did all my research beforehand & they have a board of lots of helpful ladies over there :yes: Good luck with whatever you decide!
  9. I've thought about doing it since I had my 3rd and last child. Breastfeeding did my small girls in. My dh could care less...he loves me as I am...that sweet man. (I keep using the angle that they'd be his too...ha!) I just would love to put on a swim suit...have a female shape, etc. I'm thinking a small C as someone else here mentioned.
    Questions: I've heard that the recovery pain is like that of sore muscles if you're an athlete...that is the analogy I heard someone use. Is that about right? Also, is taking care of three small ones during recovery realistic?
  11. My DH said "I love you the way you are but you do what makes you happy" Of course now, HE'S happy too:p and I can guarantee he doesn't want the teabags back (nor do I!)

    Honestly, the pain & recovery will vary greatly with each person. It will depend on placement, incision, how big you go, etc... I had my MIL come in town for 2 days post surgery. After that I was good to go although I would say I had a better than average recovery. Most people expect to be out of commission for a week or two. It would be best to have someone to help you around the house at least for the first few days to see how feel. YOu won't be bedridden & will still be able to do things for your kids but you definitely don't want to be lifting little ones soon after surgery.

  12. ^^^Thank you!!
    I have this weird thing about not wanting anybody to know, if I do it. I have some friends and aquaintenances that have had it done and we all knew and they were showing them to everyone afterwards....and I'm not judging...I was right there in line copping a feel (hmmm...heavy, yes...looks lovely...feels like real do I know...I've never felt anyone's before) but I just want it to be for me and not draw all that attention to it. (you were just privy to my inner dialog while copping a feel of a friend's new ones!)
    I just want to get a natural look...if anyone notice's and asks, I'm all about telling them the truth...I just hate the whole advertisement thing that my aquaintances have pulled. Don't think I'd choose to tell my mother and my mil would be cool, except she'd blast it to everyone. My youngest is 20 mo...I'm wondering if I'd be ok w/out help....hmmmm...
  13. You & I are in the same mindset.. I only told a couple of my close friends.. Everyone else, we didn't say anything. It's none of their concern. If someone asked me, sure I'd tell them. I'm not ashamed but I don't feel the need to make a "boob announcement". Especially if they are so natural looking, noone even noticed I had it done! My youngest was 13 months when I had it done. As long as you won't have little ones jumping on your chest or having you pick them up & carry them (at least for a few days..) you'll be fine. I would still encourage you to have help for at least a few days.