Breast Augmentation in Korea?

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  1. I'm planning to have my BA done in Seoul, any good recommendation?
  2. Hi there,
    I'm looking for ps in seoul too, have heard about boob jobs by wonjin from another forum, reviews are good plus they provide free hotel stay and food. I also met a girl in sg during the consultation with Dr. Kim from BK, she told me she did it for US$8500, using gummy bear implant thru armpit, she said it is very soft and natural, and the hospital provide accommodation too.

    Heard that Dr. Pichet in BKK also not bad and ps in thailand is about 3x cheaper than seoul or sg, I'm keeping my option open too..

    Anyone here tried BA in seoul?
  3. I've read reviews on Wonjin for BA and were quite positive. The photos on their website looks very natural too. Am thinking about going there. I think the price is about USD7k but not sure if that is inclusive of accommodation (I suspect otherwise). Still considered cheaper than Singapore and I've heard that the PS here in SG do not really have a lot of experience in BA.

    Anyway, I've emailed Wonjin to find out more and will update if I hear from them. In the meantime, do share if you found any other good clinics.

    Good luck to all of us!
  4. [FONT=&quot]I’m looking for the options for BA in Asia too. I’ve been checking surgeons in Seoul and Bangkok. My friend did the BA with Dr. Pichet of Bangkok Plastic Surgery few months ago. The result looks amazing and the quote price was reasonable. Also she got free transportation and affordable accommodation provided during her operation time. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]I asked some of my Thai friends about his reputation among Thai patients, I had most of the good feedbacks. So I might consider contacting him as well. For Seoul, I’m still checking with Wonjin after seeing the result online, they look natural to me. If anyone got experience undergoing BA surgery with Wonjin, pls let me know. Thank you for your help![/FONT][FONT=&quot][/FONT]
  5. I don't like wonjin coz the doctors doesn't seems to care about you , they just want your money.
  6. Hey guys,

    It seems like there aren't a lot of information about BA in Korea. Maybe those that have knowledge on this topic could share their experiences here!

    I'm planning on going to Korea this summer for BA, so it would be extremely helpful if there are any info on BA in Korea!

    Any recommendations with regards to clinics? Doctors?

    Thanks! :smile:
  7. Hi!

    I've actually booked my flight for Korea at the end of May for my BA. I've also booked a consultation & potentially surgery date with the doctor too.

    The only reason i'm going to Seoul for BA is because I had my rhinoplasty there last year and a good friend of mine had her BA from a dr in Seoul.
  8. I enjoyed my first trip to Korea a lot! That's why I'm going back for my BA haha.

    Yah I think i'm just gonna get it done with the doctor that worked on my friend. He gave me a fairly decent quote too. I'm staying for 9 days which isn't a long time but my friend said her recovery process wasn't too bad and she was out and about by the second day! So hopefully I'll have an easy recovery too. I'm most nervous about the luggage hauling when I leave though. Since I don't think I would be able to lift any heavy objects for awhile.. but we'll see I guess haha.

    My other friend, however, said her recovery process was super painful. She wasn't able to get out of bed by herself without an assistant. So I guess it's different for every person. I'm just relying on my luck haha
  9. Probably smooth! Did you go by yourself?

    Oh man, I'm planning on travelling around Asia after my BA so hopefully my recovery process won't be as painful haha
  10. Nope i'm going with a friend! But she's leaving a few days earlier than me so the luggage issue will be the toughest part for sure I think haha.

    Yah I'll PM you the details!
  11. What size did u get?
  12. What exactly are the benefits of having it done in Korea?? I know surgery in Korea is more advanced in general, but seeing as BA is one of the most popular procedures in the West, why not do it here? (Unless Korea is closer to you of course)
  13. 400 cc
  14. I went to Korea last year for rhinoplasty so I'm pretty familiar with the area near the clinic. Two of my good girlfriends had theirs done in Seoul too. I went to one of their doctors, as was strongly recommended by her, for the actual surgery.
  15. Where should I go for the nose,face and breast? Can those three be done at the same time?