Breakthrough in Holloway case?


    The Dutch press is saying that there might be a breakthrough in the Natalee Holloway case. (I have to translate this from Dutch to English, I'll try my best :sweatdrop:).

    Peter R. de Vries (our national tv crime reporter who has solved many cases in the past) is about to show all this Sunday evening in his program. Beth Twitty, Natalee's mother, will also be there. Peter will only tell at this point that he solved the case by using hidden camera's. He has showed the footage to Hans Mos, the Aruba prosecutor and he's saying that the truth is finally going to come out now. Hans Mos is saying that there's enough evidence to re-open and close this case once and for all. I'm so hoping that this true.

    The footage will be shown on Sunday 21.30 PM local Dutch time. Of course I will keep you guys posted.
  2. Oh wow, keep us posted.
  3. Yes, I just heard! Waiting for the news to report about it in a minute... I'm already speculating haha! I'm still convinced Joran did it, so I'm guessing he tricked him into some sort of confession by using other people and the hidden camera..
    But djeez, do you think we will have to wait untill sunday to find out?!!
  4. that Joran is a creep.
  5. That would be wonderful if this case finally has some closure. I feel bad for the family not knowing what really happened.
  6. I've always said Joran did this!!! Oh, man, I so hope it's true that he's admitted to it, life has been on hold for her family and friends while this guy walked around free!!!

    THANK YOU Beautylicious for posting this! Unsolved murders give me a belly ache and this one was a doozy!
  7. We'll have to wait untill sunday to find out wat Joran really said on tape....
  8. I really don't believe that after 2,5 years Joran has been tricked into a confession...
  9. I unfortantly think it's a media hype, so EVERYONE will watch the show on sunday....
  10. I know Speedy, unsolved cases are so awful for the people who are left behind. :sad:

    Joran, his parents and Peter R. de Vries were guests in a Dutch talkshow a couple of weeks ago. It was supposed to be some kind of closure interview on behalf of the Van der Sloot family. Joran sat there with a smug face and Peter (who was sitting on the opposite side of Joran) was staring at him all the time. At the end, Joran got nervous of Peter and told him: "if it turns out that I had nothing to do with the case, will you apologize to me? No, of course you won't". Program ends, Joran stands up and threw a glass of red wine in Peter's face.

    Stupid move of Joran, who was clearly showing that he has no control over his anger. I'm positive that this incident made Peter even more determined to solve this case.
  11. ^^^ I agree that it was stupid of Joran to throw the wine and it's been MEGA hyped up here in Holland, but what if Joran really had nothing to do with it? what if he really was a stupid younge teenager who left here by herself, drunk on the beach? teenagers do stupid stuff without thinking, but that doesn't automatically make you a killer.... sorry I just hate pointing the finger untill I know for sure he did it...
  12. ^You're right, innocent until proven guilty.

    But I have to agree with Speedy, he has always been suspect number one for me from the very first moment. Not to mention all the lies that he has told in the beginning and that his mother sent him to a psychiatrist to deal with his compulsive lying.