BREAKTHROUGH! For those who have had their listings limited!

  1. I just recently, as of a few days ago, had my listings limited. I finally got so fed up waiting for T&S to contact me, that instead of relisting through eBay (which first informed me I was limited when I tried to relist a LV), I would list through my regular source of Auctiva. It worked! eBay will not filter Auctiva listed auctions and I was able to list what I wanted. So for those who were restricted, use and list away! :yahoo:
  2. oh wow, thanks :biggrin:
  3. right on girlie! thx for the info!
  4. Thanks for inform us ;)
  5. I also am restricted to 7 items in 7 days on designer items so would love to know how this works. Can someone help me please

  6. sign up for, then instead of using eBay listing, you use auctivas listing, which then places your listing on ebay.
  7. thanks allison!
  8. has this worked? Have auctions listed with auctiva come to completion? Were they not pulled? I had my auth listings ended for trademark enfringement (even tho I had a ton of pics), and when I went to list, they said I was limited.. just wanted to know if this worked?

    TIA :heart:
  9. Interesting, I haven't had auctions limited but am so fed up with ebay. Can I ask you questions please:
    Do your auctions show on or
    Who do you pay fees to?
    If auctiva are they as much as ebays?
  10. Hey Roz,
    I use Auctiva because its free, and I think you just pay the ebay fees (which I am happy to do as long as they let my auctions run, my auth things with receipts and lots of pics are being pulled?!?!) SOOOO irritating, they didnt suspend me, but my listings were limited.

    My auctions just show up on, never really checked
  11. ^^^Yes please I would like to know too,Could there be away to get around ebay pulling listings?
  12. I just asked my BF who has a huge huge huge ebay business and over 12,000 feedback and he said he has no idea.. but his intl bidders were becoming scarce, so he feels that sometimes most of his listings do not show up outside of regular And UK sellers are limited to only viewing

    But, there has to be a way around that..
  13. Thanks Kiss :smile: Ebay is so crazy at the minute!
  14. Oh Yeah - Auctiva is the way to go. SO much cheaper than ebay. I think I save $5.00 in pix fees alone (I max out at 16 pix per handbag!!). Plus, I can schedule w/o paying a fee, either. FORGET listing through eBay! They charge for EVERYTHING! Their final value and insertion fees are high enough - save $$ where you can!
  15. Would fit them better they would pull the fakes!!!! I found 54 fake Fendi bags the other night & a heap of Chloe fakes!