Breaking up with Louis for now...

  1. It sad but, Louis and I are taking a break. I have a great collection and we have had a fabulous relationship but, I simply cannot afford anymore shopping with Louis. Louis is out of my price range and I am never happy always wanting the next lastest and greatest. I have seven bags:wtf: mind you they are not LE but, for me it represents a lot of my pay...I need to get together and be happy with my others exceed 6 or 7 bags is beyond me. It is sign that Louis has too much control me. I have to break this bond because Louis has beautiful has he is not helping me finances and that is stressful. I still love Louis and will worship him from afar but, enough is enough it really isn't a healthy relationship. There will always be :heart::drool::heart: over Louis but, I must let go. This relationship has become obssessive compulsive.
  2. Well, at least you know your limits. Remember, not all of us are college students....some of us are able to get a few bags a year, some aren't. There are people from all backgrounds from this forum, so don't assume that "LV has too much control over them".....
  3. Agreed!!
  4. At least you know when to admit you have a problem... LOL I say if you are not buying purses with extra money (savings whatnot) and are shorting yourself on paying things like bills then ya, you definatly should stop buying purses. Otherwise spend away, what else would you spend the money on? Coffee? :p

    At least you have somthing to show for that cash.
  5. I am glad you know when enough is enough.
  6. I can understand how you feel. Sometimes you just need to back away and reevaluate some things in a "relationship". lol It's not good when anything becomes obssessive compulsive. I'm glad you are smart enough to realize it. Maybe in the future you will be able to acquire some Louis for special occassions or so. All the best to you, sweetie.
  7. Sure no problem in taking a break...just enjoy all your gorgeous LVs!!
  8. Louis and I need some boundaries now...I cannot have Louis when I want Louis I simple have extravagant taste which my budget does not allow with other bills and obligations...I wish I could just buy what I wanted when I wanted that would be awesome...oh well I am quite fortunate to have some great piece and must know when to walk away....maybe one bag every year or two...last year I went nuts and bought six...what was I thinking the passion took over my common sense...Louis has that effect on
  9. Slow down for now, but we all know that you will be back!
  10. Don't think of it as breaking up with Louis, you're still keeping your 7 bags. Just enjoy them!
  11. I have only 2 LV's, with 1 on the way. That's definitely enough for me for now.

    I can't really afford anymore right now, I kinda overdid it with LV and other stuff lately. Also I'm not lusting for any other LV's right now.

    And that's just fine with me. I don't feel cheated because I don't have gazillions or LE; after all, they're just bags.
  12. I totally know what you mean! Just enjoy for now! xx
  13. Girl I know what you mean. I just really got into LV and I'm so broke that buying another one is going to be... next year. Next year! before I can afford another LV. After Christmas. I know it's so sad, but I'm already lusting over another bag and I JUST got my damier canvas. It's so hard to not get addicted. I feel so pathetic sometimes being able to afford only 1 LV a year (I can afford 9-10 Coach bags with my discount). I'm like, "is this one LV worth 9 or 10 Coach?" And sadly I always seem to end up saying "yes, it is."

    Anyway I know where you're coming from. Enjoy the ones you've got! :heart: I wish I had 7 or 8!
  14. I'm taking a break myself from buying bags in general. I feel that I don't even use some of them and it is just stuck in my closet.
  15. yeah I am will be giving louis up end of this month .. will only be getting the very odd peice for birthday etc .. not 1/2 bags like I have been every month .. One month this year I got 4 bags ... but I am off to uni again to do my masters for a year so won't be earning .. however if I get a job soon I may treat myself not like I have been going though .. can't beliee I have honestly been buying a bag every month for the last year ... and still never satisfied