breaking up with hairdresser.

  1. I have been going to the same girl, Lori, for the last 4 years. I love her dearly and have reccomended her to all my girl friends and coworkers. She has about 5-6 new clients a year thanks to me. She does a great job and she is very reasonably priced. The problem is that she cuts my hair the same way every time and is not willing to try new things. Even when I tell do what you think would look good. I finally gave up and went to a new salon this last time and I found a girl that I LOVE the way she does my hair. I told her the length I wanted and she gave me a really cute cut. It was great I didn't have to search for pics or stress over giving her direction. Now here is my problem. She is really expensive!! for color and cut she is about 3 times more than Lori. So, how I could handle going to the new girl for cuts and my old girl for color. I want to be sensitive to Lori's feelings but I don't want her to cut my hair anymore. Please help.
  2. Ou, sounds like a situation i have been in - breaking up with hairdresser that is.

    IMO, there is no way to make her feel any better about it - if you say you get your cut elsewhere it is pretty clear. I'd look for someone else as well for colour if you feel the new girl is too expensive, if you don't want to upset the other girl, and you still want her to do a nice job on your hair.
  3. I agree with Lara.
    I'm in the process of finding a new hairdresser and colorist. I think it's hard finding a colorist who is a good hairdresser that charges okay for you to be able to go once a month to freshen up your roots and get a trim.

    It'll be hard, but maybe someone else who will do both for less can work wonders for your hair?
  4. I was in the same place as u are last year..
    what i did was i stick to the new hairdresser and found a new colorist that is in my price range.. it's better to avoid the whole awkward situation :smile:
  5. It's like breaking up with a bf/gf! It's rough stuff!

    Of all the stylists I've talked to (I know like 5), they all say it's part of the business and they don't get too bothered over it.
  6. i just didn't go back :shame: but it was a bit different, my new hairdresser is a third of the price :wtf: because she's in helsinki rather than london and does at least as good a job and has a funkier style so tries more interesting things so i have no reason to go back to my old place. even if i bought a plane ticket specifically to go get my hair cut it'd be around the same price and then i could go see my friends and stuff so it's better in every way. other than co2 emissions i guess.
  7. ohh ive been there many times. I loved the color one stylist did but didnt like her cuts, so I found a different stylist in a different salon that i just loved. well she ended up leaving about a year later, so i went back to the other salon to a different stylist than my first. their scheduels were different so i never ran into the first girl at all. well the NEW girl at the salon left and i was lost. went to a different salon again and wasnt happy. back to the first salon again, got a great cut and color then guess what? THAT girl left too. NOW i'm back at the first salon, I decided to get color from the original girl again (shes really is the best for color) and my cuts from someone else who I trust at the same salon. They also have different scheduals so theres no hurt feelings. I'm still giving the first girl business as well as the other one. I just hope no one else leaves again!
  8. I went to my former stylist for 8 years, and she even did my wedding hair. I found someone who was better, and instead of saying anything to my "ex," I just stopped going. I do feel kinda bad about it, esp since she just started her own salon, but I have to put my hair first. LOL. I hope I don't run into her on the street!!!
  9. I was going to my stylist for at least 2 yrs, and then she went out on maternity leave. I had to go to someone else and liked them better, cheaper too. I have never been back (only to leave a gift for the baby)
  10. OOh, I feel your pain :smile: - It's hard to break up! luckily mine went out on maternity leave as well. And for a year a was cheating on her with different stylists :smile: at the same place but kept the same colorist Then I got tired and changed the place, found a good colorist, but she's pregnant too an leaves any day now :crybaby: Others are not as good as she is ....
  11. I don't think you should worry about her feelings. It's not like she's paying you to let her cut and color your hair, right?

    I think you should ask around for a new hairdresser recommendation, or go to a big city near you and find a big popular salon, and ask for one of their more moderately-priced stylists. Asking for a lower-rung person at a big place is the best way to go to get good quality for a great price. Good luck!
  12. I've been there! My haircut lady can't cut my hair, but she's awesome at color. She knows she has a hard time with my hair (it's curly), so she understood that I was coming to her for color and somewhere else for cut. I got tired of all the hair appointments though and now I just go to her. She's the top colorist in our town, and I don't want to lose my standing 4 week appointments.