Breaking up is hard to do........

  1. Shannon Doherty needed her dad's help to dump a former boyfriend. 'Everybody thinks that I'm this really, really strong woman who would have absolutely no problem breaking up with somebody', she said this week at the Television Critics Association's summer meeting. said she 'felt a lot of guilt' because it was a lengthy relationship in which the man, she didn't name him, was like a mentor to her. 'Every time I tried to break up with him, it sort of got a little bit emotional and we would stay together', she said. 'My dad went and got my stuff out of the house, and said, `That's enough. You guys don't belong together anymore', and it really helped.

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  2. Sometimes you just need someone else's strength to get you out of a situation that is tough to break out of....especially if you are still somewhat emotionally engaged in it.

    I think it's good that her dad did that for her. Personally, I think more parents (especially for teenage girls) should take an active role in getting rid of these loser guys who end up brainwashing girls. I see so many pathetic relationships that should have ended long ago, but it seems like these girls just get stuck in a situation they don't know or have the strength to get out of.